7 Whiteboard Sessions Every Social Strategist Needs to Have in 2012

Social strategists spend countless hours assessing the best ways they can plan successful social initiatives and optimize their social programs over time. Many a whiteboard sessions have been held with the intention of mapping out plans, thoughts and next steps for social media programs. And in a space that is always evolving and constantly changing, knowing what to focus on can be a challenge.

To uncover the biggest areas of opportunity and resolution for social strategists, we"™ve spent the past few months talking to customers and industry leaders from companies like Altimeter Group, Edelman Digital, Social: IRL, Social Media Explorer and MarketingProfs to learn what social strategists plan to focus on in 2012 "“ from both current challenges to potential opportunities.

Some of these may be opportunities you"™ve talked about internally already. Or they may be ideas you"™re currently planning on bringing to the whiteboard to plot out further. Regardless of where you are in your planning cycles, we"™ve pulled together the top seven areas all social media strategists should be thinking about with ideas on how to approach planning and assessment in each area and an action plan to get started. They"™ve been pulled together in  "The 7 Whiteboard Sessions Every Social Media Strategist Needs to Have in 2012"  - a whitepaper outlining seven crucial meetings everyone in social media should hold in the new year with ideas and guidance on how to be successful.

So what are the 7 areas, or meetings you should schedule, to help optimize your social programs? From a high level, they include:

1. Gaining Insight About Your Social Customer
Your customers are at the heart of everything you do - or should be doing - in social media. How are you learning about their preferences, activity and interactions to help inform your decisions?

2. Adopting Social Media Company-Wide
Social media has moved far beyond just social media marketing.  How are you planning to help roll out social media beyond just Marketing efforts to achieve business goals in departments throughout the business like Sales, R&D, Customer Care, HR or Public Relations?

3. Operationalizing Social Media with Workflows and Processes
Expanding social media throughout the your business is complex. How are you planning to operationalize social media with internal processes, communication standards and workflows to make the activity seamless between teams and people?

4. Getting the Most out of Your Great Content
Content is at the heart of everything you do in social media. But that doesn't mean it has to be all new content or that it should exist in a vacuum. What content do you have that should be used across you social channels and how can this be used in an engaging way?

5. Delivering Better Customer Experiences
Creating good experiences is the key to successful social media programs. What do your customers want or need to experience to make their interactions positive and unique with your brand?

6. Integration
Social media initiatives are one part of a greater business initiative. And because of that, they need to be integrated into greater systems and reporting dashboards so that they can add context to overall goals.

7. Showing a Return on Social
What are your social media programs yielding in terms of social impressions, activity from your internal teams and engagement from your target audience?

Regardless of where you are in your social planning and strategy efforts, these seven areas are key to hone in on from a social media perspective. They can help make your current social programs richer and also ensure you are planning with an eye toward future social business success.

When you"™re ready to go to the drawing board and start planning these areas in earnest, you can download the full-length guide, 36-page guide "The 7 Whiteboard Sessions Every Social Media Strategist Needs to Have in 2012".

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