75% of People Talk About Brands on Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

We’ve always known the power and influence of social media, but we’ve also realized that confirming it with hard, empirically-based numbers is important. For that reason, Mass Relevance teamed with a local research firm to explore the impact of social media across the board - on purchase intent, on brand awareness, on amplification, and on reach, among other factors. After surveying and analyzing the data of 200 people across the country on their attitudes, beliefs, and opinions about brands and social media, the Social Hunger Study was born.

As the below infographic will describe further, we found tons of interesting, impactful information confirming what we’ve believed, seen, and operated from since our inception: that consumers want brands to integrate social media, that people spend more time on sites that include a social media component, and that customers are more likely to trust a brand that incorporates social content. Check out the infographic below as well as the Social Hunger Study to learn more about how consumers are relating with brands and case studies of which companies are doing this best.

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