AdAge Webinar: How Social Data is Transforming the Agency Business

Modern agencies are increasingly powered by social data. What once was exclusive to few is now available to all at every level of the agency. This accessibility is a true game changer. Agencies no longer need to invest in traditional research trials to explore consumer behavior, campaign performance, or the competitive landscape. Instead, with social analytics, insights are available to the whole agency at a moment's notice. Empowering? Yes. But, this abundance of new social data presents new challenges, as well.

1 | Data Overload

The first challenge to social research is the risk of information overload. With hundreds of millions of pieces of content created each day, how do we separate the good from the bad? No business can derive value from every single piece of social data out there. On September 29, during the AdAge "How Social Data is Transforming the Agency Business" webinar we will show you how to separate the value from the noise.

2 | Accessibility

The second challenge is one of accessibility—data that doesn't get into the right hands is as bad as no data. The best research means nothing if nobody sees it. And with so much access, clients expect an analytical approach. During the webinar, we'll reveal how today's agencies ensure that their team has access to valuable insights.

3 | Intuitive Integration

The final challenge will cover the successful integration of social data throughout your agency. To succeed, you must empower your employees, from the top of the org chart to the bottom, with relevant data. We will show you how to ensure your findings filter down to every appropriate level of the agency. Once you adopt a true social-first approach, an integration plan is essential to your competitive advantage.

Tune In

On September 29th, Spredfast will host AdAge for a webinar on the challenges that arise from taking a social data approach to business. Learn how Edelman's David Armano and Dairy Management Inc's Sherri Maxson tackle these challenges to create a modern social platform for the dairy industry. Also, joining the conversation is Spredfast's Chris Kerns, author of Trendology. Together they will explore the state of social data and how the agency business is rising to the challenge.

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Kai MacMahon

Kai is the Vice President of Agency Business Development at Spredfast. He has over a decade of online experience, spanning both sides of the agency divide. Outside of work, he enjoys running and his 2-year-old English Bulldog, Brutus.