Amplifying Influence with Klout

Influence has always been difficult to define, yet everyone knows it when they see it.

Think about the people who have influenced you in the big and small ways. They can range from family members, teachers, famous athletes, politicians, or movie stars.

Regardless of who they are, we always listen to what they have to say. In fact, we’re listening to them more than ever with social media platforms like Twitter, which can be thought of as an echo chamber where the most influential people’s thoughts can quickly reverberate.

So think about this:

What happens when these influential people start talking about your brand? How do you find that content and amplify it to show the world exactly what Twitter’s best have to say about you?

That’s where Klout comes in.

For the first time brands can now identify top influencers - and by extension, brand advocates - to re-display and amplify content based on an individual’s Klout score.

When you filter and display content from accounts with higher Klout scores, you shine a spotlight onto the biggest names in Twitter, people who have proven ability to influence more of their followers than anyone else. In essence, you’re extending the reach of most impactful people whose conversations about your brand have a higher chance of influencing more people to take action in favor of your brand.

In Klout’s official blog, Klout released a study of the shelf life of Tweets from users with Klout scores ranging from 10 to 90 and found that users with scores above 70 had at least 4X more retweets than users with scores of 30. This data begins to paint a picture of how higher Klout scores have the ability to drive and influence consumer behavior.

So now, are you ready to put Twitter’s biggest influencers to work for you? Request a demo of our platform now to try it for yourself!

If you'd like to learn more about our partnership with Klout, read the press release in our news room!

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