Announcing Spredfast 1.5 - Like Spain, one of the best in the world

It has been a busy few weeks for us here at Social Agency, building another crop of powerful new features designed to make you more effective at managing the social media presence of your company or organization. Once again, for those of you who don't want to read all of the details, here are the highlights. Detailed descriptions follow.

Highlighted Features

  • Social profiles of people interacting with your communications
  • Ability to mark influential people
  • Integration with Gowalla
  • Categorize all of your communications with Content Labels
  • Set your personal Default Home Page
  • Audit trail extends beyond Inbox to Social Streams
  • Crimson Hexagon Integration

Improvements to Listening and Communicating

  • Broader ability to respond to people from the Social Streams and Inbox
  • Translate items in the Social Streams
  • See which responses you made were public and which were private
  • Create custom footers for blog posts

Improvements to Managing & Streamlining

  • Schedule and Assign responses from the Inbox and Social Streams

    Improvements to Measuring & Reporting

    • Increased frequency of Conversation History updates
    • Add Facebook Page views to metrics


    Social Profiles

    Admit it. You want to know more about that person who retweeted your tweet and left a comment on your Facbook Page wall post. You want to know how many followers they have and how many friends. You want to know where they're from and how they describe themselves. You want to know how engaged they are with your brand.

    Now you can. Simply hover over or click the username of the person in the Inbox or in the Social Streams, and we'll show you what is available to know about that person. We'll show you their network size, their biography, location and count of engagement with your communications.

    Mark Influencers

    Along with social profile information, you can decide for yourself if the person interacting with your communications is an influencer. When you decide yes, you can mark that username and all engagement by that influential person will be easily identifiable. You can also export a data file on all of your influencers for inclusion in other systems like Salesforce.

    Of course, you probably already have some influential people identified. You can import a list of usernames and we'll automatically mark those people as influencers.

    Like they say, it is about who you know. With Spredfast, it's a lot easier to know who you should get to know.

    Gowalla Integration

    Location, location, location, right? You probably have locations that you would like to know more about. With our integration, you can see who is checking in and how often.

    Content Labels

    Would you like to be able to categorize your communications? Perhaps you want to separate your responses from your scheduled outbound communications. Or you want to group up all of your contest related content. Now you can with Content Labels. Each and every communication you create in Spredfast can be labeled, with as many labels as you like.

    Soon, you'll be able to filter all of the great metrics Spredfast captures by these Content Labels as well.

    Default Home Page

    Do you have a page in Spredfast that you always start with each and every time you log in? Would you like to land there upon log in automatically? Done. Just click the Default Home Page box on your favorite page and we'll bring you there every time you log in.

    Don't worry, you can change it whenever you like. We're flexible like that.

    Expanded Audit Trail

    We've always thought the audit trail in the Inbox was a great feature. You know, the one that lets you know when someone on your team has responded to an item, so you don't mistakenly respond twice? Well, we've made it better. Now, the audit trail not only lets you know when someone has responded, but also when someone has been assigned to respond, or a response has been scheduled.

    Oh, and we've extended the audit trail to the Social Streams as well, so now you can see which items are covered no matter where you come across them.

    Crimson Hexagon Integration

    Understanding the sentiment of the conversation about your company, organization, brand or mission is important. To that end, we've integrated Crimson Hexagon, one of the leading sentiment analysis systems, into Spredfast. Simply enter your Crimson Hexagon account credentials and you'll be able to set up Crimson Hexagon Social Streams.


    Like the Spanish National Soccer team, Spredfast 1.5 has even more magic to offer. We've added more great improvements to the 3 main functions of our platform: Listening & Communicating, Measuring & Reporting, and Managing & Streamlining.

    First up in the Listening & Engagement arena, we’ve made it easier to respond to engagement from your friends, followers, and fans by making sure the right response actions are available everywhere you want them to be.  We've also added a nifty translate feature so you can read those tweets from your rabid fan from China. In the Inbox and Conversation History, you can now see which communications were made publicly and which were made privately. Finally, you can now create your own custom footers for your blog posts. We know, you really love including branding for Spredfast at the bottom of each blog post, but we can't ask you to do that every time. We appreciate what you've done so far.

    In Managing & Streamlining, we’ve given you the ability to schedule and assign responses directly from the Social Stream. No more clicking 2 times to get there.

    In Measuring & Reporting, we’ve reduced the time it takes for Spredfast to update the Conversation History. Now, you can respond to a mention you've come across in your Inbox, click the username of the person who mentioned you and see your entire conversation history with that person in just a matter of a few minutes. We've also added Facebook Page views to the Detailed Metrics table. As Facebook exposes more and more data from Page Insights, we'll continue to pull it into Spredfast.

    We hope you like what you've read about here and you jump in and try out the new features. We're working hard on the next release, dreaming up cool ways for you the be a social media hero at your office.

    We recognize that not everyone knows Spredfast as well as we do, so if any of the descriptions above don’t make sense to you, please feel free to reach out to use. We love our product and we love talking with people, so we’ll be happy to answer any questions or explain any feature in more detail. 

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