Announcing the Spredfast Partner Program

Social media has quickly redefined our definitions of ‘openness.’  Social has democratized the voice of the consumer.  Social has eliminated silos within the enterprise. Social has provided our favorite brands, products, and services a public platform to communicate with us as consumers.  It is in this spirit that Spredfast announces its own definition of openness with the new Spredfast Partner Program.


So what does the Spredfast Partner Program mean for our customers? It means we’ve embraced their desire to share data, content, context, analytics, and even workflows across the multiple business applications they actively use every day. It means that we recognize there are other great marketing systems out there with tremendous depth and domain, and our ability to interact with them can dramatically improve our customers’ social success. Here at Spredfast we’ve been fortunate to build great relationships with several of the best companies in our ecosystem, and when used in combination with Spredfast, the joint solution can provide an unparalleled user-experience and produce outsized results. This doesn’t inhibit us from continuing to build the most comprehensive Social Relationship Platform  on the market, but it does allow us to embrace the needs of our customers as they look to connect CRM systems, enterprise compliance, content creation, paid amplification, and much, much more.  Ultimately, our goal is to arm enterprise brands with a complete solution that helps them achieve their objectives. We are excited to announce the Spredfast Partner Program and we know that this is just the beginning.  We will continue to listen to our customers and scour the ecosystem for the most powerful integrations and partnerships.  The Spredfast Partner Program will evolve and we look forward to adding to our list of ‘best of breed’ partners.

Dan Doman's picture

Dan Doman

Dan is responsible for managing Spredfast's partner relationships and corporate business development efforts. Prior to joining Spredfast, Dan most recently served as Director of Business Development at venture capital firm, Austin Ventures. In this capacity, he focused on early-stage investments in the new media, Internet and social software industries. He has previous experience in the early-stage venture capital business, as well as investment banking. Dan received a B.A. in Economics from Northwestern University and an MBA from Boston College.