Announcing Spredfast Presenter App: Your New Favorite Co-Host

More and more, social content is becoming an integral part of our media consumption experience. Turn on the Presidential debates, and you’ll see moderators asking questions submitted by viewers via Facebook. On The Voice you are asked to vote for your favorite contestant via Twitter. Or tune into the news and see your own view of today’s breaking story displayed right on screen during a live broadcast. The second screen is becoming a fundamental extension of the new viewing experience as 47% of global respondents say they engage with social media while watching video programming—that's up 15-17% since 2013 from a similar report by eMarketer. With an abundance of social content and an unquenchable thirst for second screen engagement, social and media seem to be a match made in heaven.

But what you don’t see is how exactly that data gets there. Currently, presenters rely on other people to make sure their content is displayed correctly on screen. First, a Digital Producer moderates a stream of content and selects the posts they find most engaging. The content is then queued for display. Then, another moderator must decide how long the content should be displayed. Finally, the content is pushed to a screen or screens when deemed appropriate.

Live content-sharing is high-stakes

Presenters must trust that the content they need is on-topic and on-screen at the right time. So what’s the worst that can go wrong? Well, there’s a lot of room for error when presenting social content live—errors that can make even the most solid presentation crumble from an errant click of a mouse or tap on the phone. The process of embedding relevant social content for broadcast has been a complicated matter, keeping many on the sidelines. But today we’re making your current workflow as a presenter easier.

Introducing Spredfast Presenter App

As a new key feature of Experiences, Presenter App allows speakers, hosts, and moderators to take control of the social conversation. With Presenter App, hosts can direct content displayed on-set or in-venue, in real-time. You decide exactly what content is displayed and for how long. Preview the content on an iPad before displaying it on screen, easily move between and switch out content with a simple “left-swipe.”

Real-time presentation flexibility

Presenter is flexible. Instead of pre-selecting a set of content to display in a set order, the host can choose the best content for the moment. Adapting to a conversation as it progresses live will ensure you maximize relevance for your audience.

Social shouldn’t interrupt the conversation; it is the conversation. And now, presentations from news broadcasts, awards shows, to live Q&As and entertainment can be as fluid as social itself. Now go on! Inspire, engage, and turn your next presentation into a social conversation.

Want to learn more about Presenter App and everything else Experiences has to offer? Contact us.

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