Apple Strikes Gold

At 3:20 PM CT March 9th half of the worldwide trends on Twitter were still about Apple. One-in-five posts published on the Buzzfeed homepage were about Apple. 100% of the stories being spotlighted at The Verge were about Apple.

When the most valuable company in the world makes an announcement people listen. Then they start talking.

Let’s take a look at the what was said and what people were responding to.

A Perfect Crescendo

I’ll keep the puns to a minimum, but Apple started the event with their invite to, “Spring Forward.” Timely. The Apple Keynote is its own genre. They takes great care to focus on storytelling as much as the products or features they are displaying.

On any other day the HBO Now and Apple TV announcements would be front page news by themselves. The Open Source ResearchKit has the potential to revolutionize the medical industry. These are big deals and they don’t even come close to the conversation around the new Macbook and Apple Watch pricing.


The styling of the new macbook certainly was a major focus. Like the iPhone, it now comes in gold and features Retina Display. While intriguing, the new mechanical innovations Apple touted were not among the terms most talked about. People, evidently, just want to oggle at the device.

Apple Watch

There was an audible gasp in the room when it was confirmed that the Edition model of the Apple Watch would cost $10,000. That represents a price differential of over 2,700% over the Sport model. But was this the most talked about thing in relation to the Watch? The results are surprising:

  1. Apps
  2. Battery Life
  3. Apple Pay
  4. Siri
  5. Price

The masses still want to know what they can use this device for and the conversation confirms this. What am I going to be able to use this thing for? The keynote represents the clearest explanation yet of what Apple hopes for, but the reality is that we probably won’t know until it’s on our wrists and the envy of our friends.

There you have it, if you missed the live event and want to know what all the cool kids (well, at least the ones on Twitter) were talking about, you're pretty much up to speed. And if you were concerned, yes, real-time marketers made an appearance:

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