Social Data Insights

Taking the Pulse of Politics on Social

October 26, 2016
What can social media, the world’s largest—and most real-time—focus group, tell us about the upcoming contest?

The Newest Data to Drive your Social this Spring

March 9, 2016
Our latest Smart Social Report is live—use it to inform your smartest spring social strategies.
Social Data Insights

2015 Fitness Trends: Social Data Knows you Skip Your Run on Thursdays

January 12, 2016
We mined fitness-related data from 2015 to yield some unexpected trends in staying and getting fit.

Smart Social Report 3: Data Dive Into Social Video, Gender Trends, & New Content Planning Strategies

December 8, 2015
Stay ahead of today's trends that will influence social strategy tomorrow with our quarterly Smart Social Report Volume 3.

Finding the Value of Social Isn’t Hard, It’s Just Complicated

October 20, 2015
Introducing the Social Value Framework: In other words, how you can make real sense of your social ROI.

Social Borders: How Europe Stacks Up in Social vs. the USA

October 5, 2015
Are the rumors true? Does the social presence of US companies beat that of similarly sized European companies?

Emmy's: Big Wins on the Second Screen

September 21, 2015
The second screen continues to be a vital part of any live event: most viewers cheer on their favorites with a remote in one hand and their phone in the other, and the Emmys were no exception.

The Smart Social Report is Back: The Newest Research in the Smart Social Report, Volume 2

August 25, 2015
At Spredfast, we believe that data can fuel smart marketing efforts, but can also hold the keys to identifying trends in the marketplace. We embrace data for all of the above—and lucky you, we like to share what we learn.

What You Can Learn From The White House’s New Social Media Policy

July 7, 2015
On July 1st, The White House announced that visitors on the White House Tour can now share their tour experience on social media. But how many people actually posted about their White House experiences since the ban was lifted? And what can we learn from the White House’s big move?