Christina Burgess

Christina Burgess is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Spredfast, where she helps tell the story about how Spredfast can help every organization realize the value of social. She is a boomerang Texan, who came to Austin via Washington D.C. and she is probably daydreaming about hiking or wandering through a museum right now.

Tips on How to Protect Your Brand on Social Media.
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3 Questions to Ask to Protect your Brand on Social

July 13, 2018
Here are the three fundamental questions you should be able to answer about your social channels at any time—and why they’re so important.
Tips Managing Risk Social Media Marketing.
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How to Manage Internal and External Threats to Your Brand on Social Media

July 3, 2018
Learn the differences between external and internal risks and how to effectively manage them to ensure your brand is protected and secured.
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Pricing Transparency at Spredfast

May 3, 2018
Spredfast instagram Publishing
Smart Social @Spredfast

Announcing Instagram Publishing in Spredfast

January 30, 2018
Here's how Instagram Publishing in Spredfast will help marketers save time, protect their brand, and tell authentic stories.
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How to Change-Proof your Social Media Team

July 5, 2017
Social teams are becoming more and more vulnerable to business challenges of large enterprises. Utilize these three learnings to help you combat these challenges.
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3 Simple Ways for Enterprises to Manage Risk on Social

June 21, 2017
Social can be a big risk. Read on to find out what actions best-in-class enterprises take to minimize social risk.
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Turning Social Risk into Social Opportunity

March 20, 2017
Learn what questions to ask yourself about managing social risk before investing in a social media solution.
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3 Ways Our Mobile-First World Affects Your Team

January 19, 2017
Here are three facts you need to know about mobile—and what they mean for your team.
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5 Reasons Why Social Listening is Table Stakes

November 29, 2016
Social listening is officially a must-have, and we’ve got five reasons to prove it.