Jaime Netzer

Jaime Netzer is Spredfast's Senior Content Marketing Manager, leading content operations. A Lawrence, Kansas native, she traded seasons for breakfast tacos seven years ago and hasn't looked back since. Also a fiction writer and journalist, Jaime tweets semi-regularly and reads constantly.

Best Back-to-School Advertising Campaigns of 2018.
Marketing Trends + Strategies

4 Back-to-School Campaigns to Bookmark Now for Your 2019 Planning

September 19, 2018
We rounded up four stellar back-to-school campaigns you should bookmark now for next year's planning.
Manoush Zomorodi Marketing and Creativity Tips.
Smart Social @Spredfast

5 Reasons Busy Marketers Should Aim to be Bored

September 13, 2018
Manoush Zomorodi will speak at Spredfast Summit on boredom—and why it's critical for marketers. Here's a full preview.
Best Marketing and Advertising Campaigns of 2018.
Marketing Trends + Strategies

The Best Marketing Campaigns of 2018 (So Far)

September 7, 2018
Here’s a mid-year round up of the best social campaigns from 2018 that we’re loving so far.
4 Steps to Prepare for Spredfast's Smart Social Summit.
Smart Social @Spredfast

3 Quick Ways to Prepare for Smart Social Summit

September 5, 2018
This year's Smart Social Summit is just around the corner! Check out these 3 ways to prepare for the event before you even check in.
4 Reasons Why Social Media is the Best Place to Solidify your Brand's Voice.
Smart Social @Spredfast

4 Reasons Why Social Media is the Best Place to Solidify your Brand Voice

August 28, 2018
These tips will show you how to use social as a tool to ensure your brand's tone of voice is clear and consistent.
How Minimalist Marketing and Advertising can Benefit Social Media Marketing.
Innovation + Inspiration

How A Minimalist Mindset Can Elevate Your Brand

August 23, 2018
Often, less is more. See how these 4 companies are using a minimalist mindset to elevate their brand.
How to Create Successful Marketing Content.
Marketing Trends + Strategies

3 Steps to Crafting Can’t-Miss Social Video Content

August 9, 2018
Video is the most powerful content on social right now. Here’s how to craft meaningful videos from start to finish, based on a Smart Social London break-out session.
Branded Humor Helps Your Social Media Marketing Strategy.
Marketing Trends + Strategies

How Dollar Shave Club is Changing the Way We Look at Branded Humor

July 26, 2018
Sometimes, you just have to laugh. Find out how the industry is using humor to create compelling and memorable marketing campaigns.
Marketing Content Creation Tips.
Smart Social @Spredfast

3 Ways to Make Sure Consumers Actually Care about your Content

July 12, 2018
You can’t give consumers the content you want to give them—you have to give them what they want. Here are 3 ways to create engaging content that will resonate with your audience.