Justine Braun

Justine Braun is a Senior Analyst in Research & Insights at Spredfast. Her career began in Chicago studying social data from a psychological perspective. When she’s not buried in spreadsheets, you can find her climbing rock walls, making ice cream, or rambling about female-fronted punk bands.

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Social Data Insights

The Most Instagrammed Vacation Destinations of 2017

August 4, 2017
We've got a seriously fascinating preview of our brand new Smart Social Report, covering #travel on Instagram.
Marketing Trends + Strategies

How CPG Companies Handle Social Customer Care

May 23, 2017
CPG brands leave 91% of all tweets unanswered. What is the state of social customer care for the CPG industry—and what can we learn from the data?
Marketing Trends + Strategies

Predicting the Impact of Facebook’s Latest Venture into Politics: Town Hall

April 12, 2017
Learn how Facebook's new feature has impacted communication between users and their elected officials.
Social Data Insights

Instagram Posts from Women’s March Outnumber Posts on Election Day by 40,000

February 1, 2017
The massive volume of hashtags related to political causes like #WomensMarch and #RefugeesWelcome signifies the important role of social media in shaping our national dialogue.
Social Data Insights

The Social Iceberg Revisited

December 1, 2016
See what surprised us from the vast amount of data hiding underneath the small tip of the social iceberg.
Social Data Insights

How Social Media is Shaping the Political Divide

November 7, 2016
On social media platforms, the world looks different depending on the candidate that you support. Here's why.