Patricia Marchetti

Boasting 20+ years experience in marketing from direct mail to web design, email marketing, and social media, Patricia also co-founded and managed a start-up, where she was recognized as leading female entrepreneur. Acting as a digital business consultant to Spredfast prospects and customers, Patricia draws on her wide knowledge of social strategy, from best practices to content strategy and influencer programs.

social media ROI
Marketing Trends + Strategies

How Marketers can Successfully Determine Social Media ROI

December 13, 2017
Nailing down the ROI of social media is hard—but not impossible. We've got advice.
Marketing Trends + Strategies

Best Practices for Mobile Marketing during the Holiday Season

August 1, 2017
You have mere minutes between catching a customers attention on mobile and driving them to make that purchase. Can you deliver?
social media retail customer journey
Marketing Trends + Strategies

How Social Media can Impact the 5 Stages of the Retail Customer Journey

April 25, 2017
Social is one of the few mediums where you can authentically engage with retail consumers at every stage of the customer journey. We'll show you how.
Marketing Trends + Strategies

Do you Need a Local Social Strategy?

October 24, 2016
Local social media means moving from a “one feed fits all” mentality to one with local social media accounts.

UGC: The Missing Element in Your Content Marketing Plan

May 27, 2016
As social media continues to become a valuable medium for marketers, UGC shows promise as a powerful selling tool to customers fatigued by normal forms of advertising.

Millennial Social Marketing: 3 Rules of the Road

January 6, 2016
Millennials present as many opportunities as contradictions to marketers—we'll help you understand them better.