Rachel Jamail

Rachel Jamail leads the brand marketing team at Spredfast. Find her on Twitter for a random assortment of thoughts on marketing, yoga, books, and her two favorite (yet very different) football teams - the Texas Longhorns and the Harvard Crimson.

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5 Co-Marketing Campaigns Your Brand Should Know About

August 17, 2017
Be inspired by these partnerships to cut through an often overcrowded social media environment and reach new customers.
Innovation + Inspiration

3 Big Secrets of Cult Brands

May 31, 2017
There are concrete secrets brands with cult status employ—techniques that enterprise brands of all kinds can use to bolster their audience and entice new followers.
Marketing Trends + Strategies

3 Ways Social Listening Can Help CPG Companies Build a Better Brand

May 17, 2017
Social is the biggest focus group in history. Learn how and why it's a game-changer for CPG brands.
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How to Use the Power of Story to Build Brand Advocacy

April 18, 2017
Learn to use the power of an engaging story to foster engagement, trust, and—the ultimate win—brand advocacy.
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Building Trust Through Shared Values: A How-to for Brands

April 11, 2017
Brands can't afford to sit on the sidelines of social causes or controversial issues—but they also can’t afford to miss the mark. We've got advice for striking an authentic balance.
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3 Lessons Brands can Learn from the New Era of Journalism

March 15, 2017
From our SXSW panel on the topic of curated content, we've got three lessons brands would do well to learn from today's journalists.
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3 Surprising Benefits of a Seriously Strong Brand

January 16, 2017
As you work to build, maintain, and communicate your brand and the value of its equity, we've got three benefits that you may not have expected.
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Spredfast + charity: water:

January 10, 2017
Why Spredfast decided to partner with charity: water—and the exciting next step of our campaign you can help with.
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Why Brand Marketers Should be Thinking About Experiential Marketing in 2017

January 4, 2017
Experiential marketing will become more important than ever in 2017. Here's what you need to know.