Ray Goforth

Ray Goforth is an innovative digital strategy expert who is focused on identifying emerging technology, behavior, and business trends. Her expertise is using this data to synthesize applicable strategy for companies. At Spredfast, Ray works with enterprise organizations to maximize strategies within the ever-changing digital landscape.

How to Break Silos at the Enterprise.
Marketing Trends + Strategies

6 Specific Steps to Break Down Silos at the Enterprise

July 24, 2018
This post highlights the ways to break down silos at the enterprise and lead strong, engaged, and committed teams.
How Social Listening Can Protect Your Brand.
Marketing Trends + Strategies

5 Ways Social Listening Protects Your Brand

July 10, 2018
You probably don't think about social listening when it comes to brand protection — and we've got five compelling reasons why you should.
Marketing Trends + Strategies

You’ve Got the Risk Management Tools...Now What?

July 2, 2018
Once you've proven the value of social media risk management, you may be wondering, 'now what?'. Here are 6 steps for integrating your risk management policies seamlessly into your company's marketing strategy.
Social Media Marketing Risk Management Plan.
Marketing Trends + Strategies

A 6-Step Plan for Implementing Your Social Media Risk Management Solution

June 19, 2018
6 helpful steps to effectively incorporate social media risk management into your company's strategy.
Crisis Management Tips Social Media Marketing.
Marketing Trends + Strategies

15 Tips to Help Regulated Industries Plan for Crisis Readiness

April 10, 2018
Even companies in highly regulated industries need to be able to act swiftly to respond to crises on social media—here are the steps you need to take to be ready when something goes wrong.