Sarah DeRocher Moore

As VP of Marketing, Sarah leads global brand, digital, and revenue marketing teams at Spredfast. Immersed in Austin's technology boom since the beginning, Sarah has helped global companies use technology to connect with their customers for more than 20 years.

Smart Social @Spredfast

Why #Metoo Saw More Social Conversation Volume Than the Superbowl

March 8, 2018
Social media has helped expose harsh realities, shown support for victims, and shifted our cultural tolerance for gender-based inequity and how we treat the predators who prey on it.
Innovation + Inspiration

Equal Work for Equal Pay

April 4, 2017
Equal pay is one way we embrace change at Spredfast, and sharing our stories is another.
Innovation + Inspiration

Return on Inclusion: Why More Women Equals More Money

March 8, 2017
Spredfast’s VP of Marketing Sarah Moore explains why more women equals more money for companies—and shares her own story.