Back to School Series: Student Council

Social media has been lauded as a truly democratic medium. Everyone can engage and participate on a fairly open forum. While the inherent nature of social media can establish insightful communication between brands and consumers, it can also create a hotbed of social noise. All the content and sharing in a social brand's world is only as strong as the interaction, conversation, and response it inspires. Let's boil down community engagement into three notable benchmarks to propel your brand's impact.


Understanding User Needs and Wants

The core of your social media is brand messaging. We can see how that goes through stages of growth (including share worthy content and reactive engagement)  in order to become the community engagement that brands aspire to. In our last lesson, we established how to find your target audience. We've set the parameters for your demographic and determined how to implement targeted posting. Now it's time to tap into those social channels and find what is organically being discussed. Some great questions to ask:

-Are your customers focused on product reviews?
-Cultural trends, i.e. memes and viral content?
-Is the majority of the content about social or offline experiences?



Create Share-worthy Experiences

If you've assessed what conversations are naturally happening on your social channels, it's time to take the essence of those discussions and help refocus them. For example, the meme Success Kid took Virgin Media by storm last spring. virgin

By utilizing imagery that was already a social touchpoint for many of its users, Virgin Media was able to redirect the conversation back to the products they serve. By keeping a direct pulse on the driving social conversations and imagery, brands are able to create message-based content that are both timely and shareable. It's these moments that help propel community engagement forward and establish brand savvy.


Lightweight Interactions to Reciprocity and Response

Since we've addressed best practices for tapping into the dialogues at play on your social channels and creating compelling content, it's time to push that community engagement further. Great social experience create lasting relationships. And, as is generally the case, we don’t maintain friendships that only revolve around one person in the relationship. It is crucial to acknowledge and reward the individuals in your social network.

This means responding to customer reactions in real time, whether their response is positive or negative. Social listening and informed interactions cement your brand as a resource for your customers. These lightweight interactions of acknowledgement can transform into a larger ethos of reciprocity and response within your community. There is no limit to the types of reciprocity and return engagement your brand can create.


Optimal community engagement is completely within your reach, but we still have one more social lesson to impart! Tune in this Thursday as we wrap up the Back to School series, and be sure to check out the Social Business Textbook to dig deeper into social marketing.'s picture

Caitlin Greenwood

Caitlin Greenwood is the Community Manager at Spredfast. With a background and passion for journalism and creative writing, Caitlin fosters engagement and builds meaningful relationships across the Spredfast social communities. Follow her on @mcgreenw for all things pop culture, social media, and snapshots of her corgi Marfa.