Watch 5 Inspiring Social Campaigns That Dared to Be Great This Year


We’re getting to that time of year when things start to get a little scary—and no, it’s not because of Halloween. We’re entering the holiday season: it’s do or die, fight or flight, crunch time if you will. Don’t be spooked out by the next few months, embrace the moment.

Put on your fight song, get smart, and never forget the golden words! To ease you into the spooky season, let’s look at five very different brands who are pushing out stellar social campaigns, year-round. These brands were recognized last week at Summit for their achievement in social marketing.


The Social Impact Winner

The Social Impact Award went to Direct Energy for their social impact and ROI.

Perhaps not a brand that you’d expect to see crushing it on social, #AmIRight? But the energy provider is using social to impact their business and the environment, and now they have a trophy too!


The Social Storytelling Winner

The Social Storytelling Award recognized Viacom Velocity for their success in audience engagement through unique storytelling.

Taco Bell went all out for the MTV VMAs by teaming up with Viacom Velocity to create a custom social experience that trended nationally and encouraged audiences to #liVeMAs.


The Social Discovery Winner

Burberry won for their use of social to unearth consumer insights and inform teams across the organization.

Social has transformed the way we hear and experience high fashion. Burberry has embraced the change by using social to inform major decisions regarding their product line and fashion events.


The Social First Winner

The Social First Award honored the NFL Network in making social a priority for their business.

The NFL Network knows how to rally their fans around the excitement of the game all year long. From their award-winning social TV show Total Access to their Super Bowl social care strategy, the NFL puts fans first at every touchpoint.


The Social Good Winner

The Social Good Award went to the National Geographic for their use of social to make the world a better place.

National Geographic was recognized by their peers for being a brand that's great at doing good. Through an innovative social campaign, they raised awareness and funds for endangered big cats.


Spredfast's Social Awards recognized the best social campaigns that have captivated, engaged, and inspired companies and consumers this year. We are proud to recognize these five organizations that are taking their brand to the next level through extraordinary social strategies. Did your company have an extraordinary campaign this year? Let us know!

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