Best of 2014: Our Favorite Facebook Campaigns

Facebook has changed a lot this year.

With a big changes to organic reach this spring and reports that the number of pages liked by the average Facebook user grew more than 50% in 2013, brands have had to increase their focus on creating high quality content to compete in the space. We also saw the end of the “fan-gated contest,” which many brands used as an easy acquisition tactic. With the news a few weeks ago that Facebook will continue to decrease organic reach for brand pages that publish “promotional” content, one thing is clear: brands have to get creative to provide the content their audience wants to see.

Continuing our Best of 2014 series, we’ve collected some of our favorite Facebook campaigns that hit the nail on the head with engaging content.

T-Mobile’s Breakup Letter

At the beginning of 2014, T-Mobile focused on establishing its reputation as the “Uncarrier” and targeted their rivals’ customers with the Breakup Letter Facebook app. Promoting its offer to pay customers’ Early Termination fees, the Breakup Letter Facebook app helped users create clever letters informing their current carriers that they wanted to dump them. More than 80,000 Breakup Letters were created and posted across various social media sites. Some brands may feel uneasy about being aggressive and discussing their competitors on social, but when it's done right it can be fun.


Qdoba Queso Showdown

OUr HQ is in Austin, Texas, so it only makes sense that we would be drawn to anything involving queso. Qdoba launched an omnichannel campaign called the #QuesoBliss showdown, inviting people to vote for their favorite queso on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. When Queso Diablo won over Queso Verde, Qdoba promoted an offer for all customers to add Queso Diablo to their entrees for free on April 28th. Not only was this a great traffic driver for the Qdoba Facebook page and stores, it also got people talking and invested in a very delicious topic—melted cheese.

Post by Qdoba.


Selfies have been around for a while, and thanks to forward-facing cameras, photo-sharing social channels like Instagram, and the "selfish" Kim Kardashian, they have become all the rage over the past few years. But earlier this year, we saw a great example of using selfies and social for good when a UK teenager started a Facebook page called "No Make Up Selfie For Cancer." Fiona Cunningham started the page after an actress recieved negative comments for appearing at the Oscars without makeup. Cunningham asked users to post their #nomakeupselfies on social channels and make a donation to Cancer Research UK. The Facebook page received more than 250,000 likes and four days after the page launch, Cancer Research UK announced they had received more than £2million in donations as a direct result of the campaign.

While this campaign was started by one person rather than a brand, it's a great reminder—asking for user-generated content that people are excited to share can result in amazing engagement and acquisition on your social channels. For non-profits that are looking to raise funds, add in a social twist. Remember the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? That blew up on Facebook and other social channels this summer and raised more than $100 million for the ALS Association alone. 


That’s right, Facebook. We can’t talk about all of the brands doing it right on the platform without mentioning Facebook itself.

World Cup

During the #SFSummit fireside chat between our CEO Rod Favaron and Blake Chandlee, Facebook’s Vice President of Global Partnerships, Chandlee mentioned that the brand was working on contributing more to real-time conversations on the platform. “The Facebook Ref campaign was our first contribution to real-time conversation during the World Cup and 350 million unique people participated in the World Cup conversation on Facebook. We’re getting closer.” 

Facebook did a few really cool things during the World Cup, including the aforementioned Facebook Ref, a Facebook page with a fun personality boosted by creative photos and videos. Facebook also created a World Cup hub to track conversation based on uses of the #WorldCup hashtag, as well as an interactive map to track the locations of the fans of Facebook’s top soccer athletes. Did you know that Neymar has an extensive fan base in Mozambique? 

Give Thanks

We know that Facebook essentially owns nostalgia, and its Say Thanks video campaign is the latest example of that. Coinciding with the Thanksgiving holiday, Facebook launched a video creator that allows Facebook users to create a short video using Facebook photos of them and a friend. They can then share the video with their friend's or family members to show their gratitude. We've been playing with this feature all week—it's simple, but a nice way to say thanks to the people who matter in our lives.


Have you seen other notable Facebook campaigns this year? Let us know in the comments of this post. Wondering how to lay a strong foundation for success on Facebook and other major social networks? Check out our 6 Blueprints for Social Network Success

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