Best Practices for Mobile Marketing during the Holiday Season

What will be the hottest gift this holiday season? Who will win the most hearts and profit with the best advertising campaigns and promotions? Although the holidays seem far away for most people, it’s prime planning time for any organizations putting together their promotions from Black Friday to Christmas and Hanukkah.

Instead of wrapping up your commercial and then sticking it on your social channels, give your customers the gift of entertainment this year through engaging social content as well as a cleaner shopping experience on their mobile devices. Might we also suggest that the bow on top is a fully staffed social customer care team?

Digital-first content on social media and the web has the power to grab your customer’s attention during a harried time of year when we’re rushing from event to event and trying to finish up last-minute tasks. Instead of showing them your commercial again, build on the story that you’re telling on television, radio, and print. Can you tell a story which leads them from one channel to the next to read the next chapter? Can you offer your Facebook loyalists, Insta fans, and Snapchat devotees something different? It could be a promotion uniquely suited to them or a video or photo stream suited to their tastes.

Imagine this: your customer is standing in line at the grocery store and she’s thumbing through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, or Snapchat killing time. She stops to watch a 30-second video that’s a mix of promotion and entertainment. (Congrats!) You’ve caught her attention and won her heart. She falls in love with the purse, watch, or trip that you’re marketing. She may want to treat herself or perhaps this purchase will check a tough person to buy for off her gift list.

Full stop. What happens next? She clicks through to your website to check out and then what? Does she have to fill out a long checkout form? Is the website optimized for her phone? How fast can she order that item and have it sent directly to her? You have mere minutes until she reaches the front of the line and turns off her phone. Can you deliver?

Shorten the purchase path

Shoppable content on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat can shorten that process. Social networks have been investing money into reducing the friction from desire to purchase. They know that we have limited time and attention. Making the path of the purchase shorter equals more revenue for the retailers that advertise and/or make their content shoppable.

And although it’s not easy, it would be well worth it to consider planning your website or microsites with the mobile experience in mind. In 2017, 217 million Americans are expected to shop online and about 64% of those identify as mobile shoppers. Although you may have brick and mortar store to drive to which generate most of your revenue, mobile e-commerce revenue is growing steadily each year.

Drive in-app purchases

Apps on your smartphone also shorten the purchase time. So don’t forget to drive to in-app purchases if you have that option. If that consumer’s credit card and shipping information is already uploaded, then it’s win-win. If your customer doesn’t have time to finish her purchase or you incent her to add a few items to her cart, your e-commerce team can also send push notifications later in the day reminding her that she does really want that book or watch she left behind when she ran out of time.

Engage customers with a stellar social care team

The bow on top of a great customer experience: social care. A 5% increase in customer retention can lead to a 25% increase in customer lifetime value. (Aberdeen Group) But traditional call centers aren’t the only answer. Overall, 30% of customers prefer contacting companies via social media vs. using the telephone.

30% of customers prefer contacting companies via social media vs. using the telephone.


According to social data from over 20 brands like Amazon, Apple, Samsung, and eBay, the majority of Tweets were 1:1 interactions between a brand and a customer. In 2015, these 1:1 interactions increased and peaked October to December averaging almost 95% of content before and during the busy holiday season.

On the other hand, 11% of brands lost revenue due to poor care or no social care and 26% of brands saw their reputation damaged because of negative comments on social media. So brands that de-prioritize or ignore social media customer care are actively hurting their bottom line.

Winning digital holidays campaigns should be targeted to your social audience with digital-first content that rewards them for being part of your social audience. Raise revenue by considering her mobile shopping experience – from web to app. And the best gift of all that you can give your customers is top notch social customer care.

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