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I attended BlogWell Santa Clara, California this week. I was excited to be present at the 25th such event that focused on emerging trends and best practices in social media usage among big brands. The conference covered eight customer case studies on successful social programs hosted and moderated by

biglist-bw-bannerThe conference line-up was stacked with household brands like Coca-Cola, Xerox and Whole Foods. The common theme was the ever growing and, more importantly, ever evolving nature of social media adoption and innovation among larger and well-established companies. Here are my top 3 takeaways from the event:

Coca-Cola has taken a “news room” approach to their social media programs to establish a broad, multi-channel presence that is anchored by their website, a dynamic digital magazine, Coca-Cola Journey. Coca-Cola Journey helps curate and project the most searched areas of their brand such as history, jobs, and food. Coca-Cola was able to double brand traffic using this approach.




Xerox has found that social media helps them break ground into territories where their original brand image had previously been limited. By sponsoring a TED Talk which focused on the medical industry, Xerox was able to gain mindshare with a new, highly relevant audience.




Whole Foods Market discussed the successful social coexistence of Corporate Brand and Local Markets. With a strong belief that “Culture eats strategy for lunch”, Whole Foods projects its culture and message from both the corporate account and local accounts—even when that means that the corporate entity has to let the local store take the lead. Working hand in hand works best when you know how that corporate structure blends together.




If you didn’t get a chance to attend, check out some of the twitter conversation here. But we think Christoper Carfi summed it up pretty well:'s picture

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