Bridging Marketing and Support: Spredfast for Social Customer Care

If the last few months are any indication, the social networks have fully entered the world of social customer care. From Facebook’s badges for a responsive page to Twitter’s NPS℠ surveys, social media as a channel for customer support is maturing to a point where it can now challenge even more traditional means. Consumers are taking notice and their expectations of what it means to be a responsive brand are changing. People expect more than simply a quick reply; they want an experience unique to what social provides. Brands that don’t adapt will be left behind.

Social networks have fully entered the world of social customer care.


Spredfast continues to lead alongside its social network partners and today I am proud to announce our answer to the new, social-first world: Spredfast’s Social Customer Care solution. We’re combining the smartest platform for social media marketing with the efficiencies a support-focused solution provides—in one complete offering. Putting your customers at the heart of each response, our new solution focuses on getting care right, ensuring frictionless interactions thanks to the context only social can provide. It also comes complete with all the metrics needed to measure operational effectiveness, customer happiness, and broader potential crisis trends. We’ve taken time to sit with our most advanced, care-focused customers to build interfaces and features unique to social customer care.

“As more and more of our guests turn to social to speak directly with our brand, it is imperative for us to have a tool that lets our agents respond rapidly. We are very excited to start implementing Spredfast’s new social customer care features, and help our agents get more insight into our guests and provide even quicker responses to help ease their concerns," explains Chris Gomez, Social Care Lead at Royal Caribbean International.

It has never been easier for a person to start a conversation with a brand. So, when a consumer does reach out, Spredfast has you covered in five key ways:

Real-time social monitoring and routing

Unlike email and phone, social media is made up of disparate streams of one-to-one communication. Facebook alone is made up of Messenger, comments, replies to comments, and more. Finding, filtering, and responding to large volumes of incoming social conversations and dealing with any number of issue types is a tall order. We have configurable workflows, automated routing, and clear status indicators to keep your teams productive and responsive.

Purpose-built interfaces for agents and managers

Those on a brand’s social media front lines spend their entire workday in our product. We understand that, so we’ve developed empathic interfaces and features that are designed specifically for the agent's workflow to minimize clicks and present, front and center, the most relevant information to resolving a given issue. We have also met with dozens of care managers and created a perfect companion dashboard that gives them real-time updates and auditing capabilities. Done right, social care increases customer loyalty and deepens brand love — but it requires coordination to deliver lightning fast responses. These new interfaces are designed to limit steps and efficiently move agents and managers through their day.

“Understanding the types of issues we’re handling across our channels is vital,” explains Asiana Ponciano, Specialist, Social Media at Hawaiian Airlines. “Spredfast automates labeling of inbound items, freeing up our teams to focus on our flyers.”

A complete view of the customer relationship

When it comes to resolving an issue on social, context is everything. Ensuring the customer feels understood is almost as important as actually resolving their issue. To respond more personally, Spredfast arms social agents with historical conversation data and a threaded view into the conversation at hand. An agent no longer has to search through dozens of replies to find the original comment. We also add all public information available on the person like their bio, most recent public posts, and any internal data attributed to them, like influencer status or agent notes. Since Spredfast is the most open platform, we are ready to connect with your CRM for the full picture cross-channel.

When it comes to resolving an issue on social, context is everything.


Social customer care specific metrics

While you are busy tracking down an answer, your customer is on the other end waiting. Social care teams can learn much from the call center, such as its sophistication in reporting. Whether you’re resource planning, optimizing workflows to be as frictionless as possible, or analyzing agent performance, Spredfast goes beyond simply giving you response times. We provide a more in-depth picture, allowing you to improve responses and build the case for more resources. Spredfast will only make you better equipped to connect with the people you care about most.

Aiding crisis identification and response

Social listening is not just reserved for marketing and PR teams. Care teams spend a lot of time in the weeds, but taking a look at the bigger picture is just as important. Spredfast brings real-time trends and broad insights into focus to let your care teams know the information needed to make decisions – for times of crisis or individual issue handling alike. That same data can also be mined to understand blocks of time from the past and understand the level of support your competitors provide, as well as how they respond to issues.

Facebook and Twitter are relentless when it comes to user experience and will only continue to develop ways to make reaching out to a brand instant. This means you need a partner that is ready to match the features they release. As soon as it is available, your customers will expect to be able to use it. Unless you want to work natively, you must have a software partner that is ready day one.

With this solution, we’re now the only partner who can help customers manage the complexities of social care in real-time, while also integrating social across all of marketing, content, and listening. The social customer care evolution is here. Are you ready?

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Manish is responsible for global product strategy and engineering at Spredfast. He is passionate about building technology that engages consumers in conversations, while improving marketing and advertising performance for brands. Prior to Spredfast, Manish served as CEO of Marketvine, an eCommerce solutions provider, which he founded as a stealth mode incubation effort within Dell in 2012.