Build Your Field of Dreams: The First Step To Maxing Out Your Media


If you’re asking - what’s paid media? What’s earned media? or Why does this even matter? - head to my first blog post of this series. There, I outlined a bit of background on the challenge that marketers are facing in our world of fragmented media and on the opportunity that lies ahead. Once you’ve got that down, come back here to learn how to build your field of dreams and take your first step towards maxing out your media.

Step 1: Build Your Field of Dreams

Consumers are everywhere and they want to engage with social brands. In fact, according to a study, 62% of consumers are more likely to engage with brands that integrate social media. So, having a strong and inspiring presence on social destinations like Twitter and Facebook is key. But, it’s no longer enough. Today’s most innovative marketers and brands are going further and creating “social engagement experiences”. The next big frontier, these experiences bring in public social conversation from every social network back into your owned media and do so in real-time, with safe and relevant content.

Leading the Charge: Victoria’s Secret and Pepsi

A couple of brands are already “taking social out of social” and building owned media experiences that are driving strong earned media results....

Victoria’s Secret Case Study

In order to engage their current audience while increasing their reach to new consumers, Victoria’s Secret built a social experience for their summer campaign. Integrating a social hub of Twitter into their Facebook page, Victoria’s Secret drove participation on both platforms - compounding their amplification and overall engagement with their brand and campaign. Through their innovative efforts, Victoria’s Secret seamlessly cross-integrated popular social media platforms to create a dynamic owned, Facebook destination fueled with earned media.

Pepsi Case Study

Pepsi also successfully leveraged owned media alongside earned media to reach their consumers and amplify buzz around their brand. Aligning with all things pop-culture, Pepsi encouraged consumers to use the #LiveForNow hashtag, curating conversations from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Once they captured the relevant content, Pepsi showcased the most compelling conversations on their homepage. Through this integration of paid, owned, and earned media, Pepsi has reached an average of 1.5 million consumers per day.



Download The Whitepaper

Marketing initiatives are begging for social integration like the Victoria’s Secret and Pepsi examples above. How can you do this successfully? Download our latest report for the next two steps of “Media Max Out,” which includes how to integrate social across any brand and digital touch point and subsequently, how to promote and amplify your social experience. Throughout the paper, you’ll learn from brands who are doing it best, such as HSN, Patagonia, and the Big Ten Network.

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