Catching Up with Krista Bedosky, MRY's Renaissance Woman


We celebrated Community Manager Appreciation Day yesterday, but we're keeping the conversation going throughout the week with community managers who keep some of our favorite brands active and present in social. Today on the blog, we're featuring Krista Bedosky of MRY. We asked Krista to discuss the ins-and-outs of agency life and to share how she stays fresh and innovates in her role. 

What excites you most about community management for an agency?

What excited me most about being a Community Manager at an agency is the opportunity to work on a variety of businesses, and tailor my skillset to their unique needs.  The focus of my role is mixed. Community Management and moderation are at the core of what I do, but I also contribute to measurement and analytics, blogging, best practices, and content strategy, among other pursuits. The platform I currently manage is Facebook, but I have managed Twitter, Vine, Instagram, and Tumblr for other brands.

You have experience in community management in house and on the agency side. What are the major benefits and drawbacks of being on the agency side?

The major benefit of working on the agency side is the ability to work on a variety of brands. Because I have the opportunity to work in different industries, I have gained a wealth of experience in multiple fields. You need to be able and willing to roll with the punches.  

What skills or personality traits are crucial to success as an agency community manager?

You can’t let a bad day get you down. Learn from what went wrong, and be prepared to be flexible. It can be devastating to have your hard work slammed, but you have to demand constructive feedback and improve from there.

When you start working with a new client how do you go about understanding their voice/workflows/community/etc.?

Do your research and stalk their social media pages (if they have them already), and get to know them. What kind of ice cream do they like? What’s their favorite color? Who was their crush in 8th grade? Do they prefer pancakes or waffles?

What does a typical week look like in your role?

My week varies depending on what I am working on, but usually, I am working on internal projects, like the blog, and I review upcoming content and provide feedback to my teams about process, content, and more. I work on larger projects that take a few weeks to complete, as well as content calendars in addition to my daily responsibilities. 

How does your day-to-day change based on agency-client life cycles?

It’s natural for agency-client life cycles to change, so when you find yourself without a lot of client work, it’s the time to work on another project. I’m lucky to have opportunities at MRY to proactively create and helm outside projects. For example, I run a small team of seasoned bloggers that serve as editors for employees’ blog posts, and this team has presented a handful of blogging trainings for employees at MRY.

How do you stay fresh and bring new ideas to your role?

In order to bring fresh ideas to my role, I enjoy many outside hobbies and I am constantly learning new things. I am a social media manager/community manager, but I am also a photographer (BFA from Savannah College of Art and Design), and I am a writer. I try new things, and I read oh so much news. World news, tech news, social platform blogs, anything. I think the best way to keep your brain growing and learning is to read about a topic you know nothing about.

What was your best experience working with a client? 

One of my favorite experiences working with a client was a prior client, and I was a one-woman show. I curated and created content, I ran three social media presences by myself, I put together Twitter chats, and I compiled a presentation at the end to show success in the campaign, just to name a few tasks. I had full ownership on the account.

Community Management is full of acronyms, but agencies have a lexicon unto themselves. Can we get a primer on some of your favorite agency acronyms?

Oh boy, this is my favorite part of working for an agency. Using acronyms every day at work spills over to after-work activities and friendships. It screws with your personal life and makes all of your friends hate you. Example: “What’s the ROI of me traveling into Manhattan for the weekend to spend some time with you?”, or “How do we actually know we are having fun? Did anyone figure out the KPI’s for tonight?” and “Every time I go to a wedding, there is so much great UGC on Instagram, I can’t even deal”.

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