Cisco Uses Social to Uncover What it Takes to be Tomorrow’s #TechTalent

We’re talking faster and innovating quicker than ever before. We’re building, expanding, and communicating at unprecedented rates, but what’s actually sustainable? What do we need to invest our time in, in order to innovate most efficiently? Cisco, a worldwide leader in networking technology, took the time to identify the skills technologists find valuable. Using social, the company unearthed what technologists think it takes to be a successful addition to the IT workforce.


Leading by Tweeting

Cisco is a major thought leader in the technology sector. As such, the enterprise wanted to involve fellow techies in answering the question: What can we do today to nurture the tech talent of tomorrow? Cisco partnered with Spredfast to syndicate responses from Twitter users across the globe. Replies were featured at the top of the Huffington Post’s home page for all visitors to see.

The news website aligned precisely with the tech-savvy audience with whom Cisco was aiming to connect. Real-time feedback poured in from major enterprises, thought leaders, recruiters, and other members of the IT workforce. Everything from specific programming advice to characteristics of a successful IT job candidate was discussed on the banner using the #TechTalent hashtag. Visitors were also invited to join the conversation and share their pointers with the tech community.  


Better than a Banner

Cisco recognized that they had to do something different if they wanted to engage their tech-savvy target audience. The company saw that social feeds were cluttered and traditional banner ads went unnoticed. They built something new using the best of both worlds. Cisco took the relevance of social and the real-estate of banner ads to optimize the spend on their ad units in what turned out to be an interactive social experience that people noticed, and more importantly, engaged with.


Cisco is effectively using converged media to maximize paid and earned elements - combining social with paid advertising to drive participation with a specific message.  



Cisco is a worldwide leader in networking that transforms how people connect, communicate and collaborate. Cisco doesn’t just talk a big game, the brand has committed itself to helping people develop the technology and career skills they will need to succeed in tomorrow’s workforce.


Through their partnership with the Huffington Post, Cisco fed social goodness to a highly targeted audience of technologists who wanted to share their wisdom with tomorrow’s IT workforce.






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