Command Centers: How To Win Brand Experience Gold

Editor’s note: As you make your marketing plans for the Olympics, please keep in mind the Olympic committee’s updated guidelines for promotion—they’re fairly strict. Find good info here.

Whether you’re an official brand sponsor or engaging behind-the-scenes as you follow along on the big athletic stage, there’s a good chance you’ve started thinking about how your brand will play a role in this summer’s Olympic games–because let’s be real: when it comes to the Olympics, no one wants to be stuck on the bench.

Although the games themselves are a few months away, you and I both know that the race to Brand Experience Gold starts now. Conversation in general–let alone brand conversation–will be at extremely elevated levels. And that’s not to mention your day-to-day brand initiatives, which don’t just disappear so that you can focus solely on the Olympics trends of the day. In other words, the next few months won’t be a sprint—it’ll be a decathlon.

Enter Experiences Command Centers

Just as any athlete needs a solid support system to go from good to great, you won’t be able to truly thrive alone. Spredfast’s Experiences Command Centers are the Bela Karolyi to your Mary Lou Rhetton: your gut-check, your source of motivation and your all-around biggest ally.

Experiences Command Centers allow social teams in any industry to visualize complex data, giving both internal stakeholders and external audiences visibility into conversation around the brand, its fans, campaigns and more.

Let Experiences Command Centers be the driver on your (figurative) road to Rio in these three ways:

1. Monitor the conversation around an event, your brand, or the competition from one central location.

When Social is your 24/7, you run the risk of being caught up in the minutiae of your job, so focused on addressing one issue or campaign that you entirely miss a bigger trend. Command Centers protect against this possibility by giving your team continuous insight into the things they might not otherwise be looking at (and that your brand might want to jump in on), while also providing your social team a reserved digital space where they can check-in.

With three different starting points to choose from, you can be sure your team is providing full coverage:

  • Ensure you’re executing the proper marketing mix and understand how your content and campaigns are performing with the Owned Metrics starting point.
  • Keep tabs on your target audience, know where your audience is geographically, and identify your influencers with the Audience Metrics starting point.
  • Keep tabs on the competition through the dynamic Competitor Index and track the volume of competitive conversation with the Competitor Metrics starting point.

Beyond taking the pulse of the social sphere, Command Centers also enable your team to take action. When the team sees something that piques their interest, they can dig in using Intelligence, quickly understanding the context behind that moment’s trending hashtag or a competitor's’ spike in mentions.

2. Increase visibility and awareness of social across the organization to activate employee advocacy.

Throughout any business initiative– from revenue plays to audience identification to crisis management to campaign strategy and more–social is your MVP. To glean the full impact of social, though, everyone in the organization must be aligned on your game plan, ready to receive when you pass the baton: even the smallest misstep could result in a loss of valuable dollars, time, and even brand advocates.

By incorporating Command Centers around your office, you’ll be able to showcase both volume and type of conversation happening around the brand, highlight the team’s successes, and prove impact.

For example, the National Rugby League provides daily visibility into the metrics important to executives with a detailed command center strategically displayed near the executive suite.

3. Bring the voice of your customer into HQ and showcase authentic social word of mouth to customers and partners.

While the goal of Command Centers isn’t necessarily to drive bottom-line business value, its value shouldn’t be underestimated. With Command Centers, you can showcase your brand love to then generate even more brand love, from customers, partners, and internal players alike. Command Centers give exposure to your brand’s invaluable social community, making it a part of daily office life.

Take Mall of America, for example: by displaying visualizations in their headquarters, they’re able to showcase the social conversation happening around brand campaigns and in-house events directly to the people they’re most interested in reaching—their shoppers.

Whether you’re showcasing the voice of your customer at HQ, spotlighting the social conversation happening around events, or managing a product launch from Mission Control, Command Center Starting Points gives your organization visible context to complex social data 24/7, 365 days a year, making your process more manageable and your team (and brand) more successful.

Before you know it, you’ve created the World’s Greatest Brand Experience– your brand anthem is playing, and you’re standing on the podium, taking home the gold.

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