Community Manager Holiday Survival Guide: What to Pack

It’s the final countdown. You’ve been inspired by the best in social care. You’ve been briefed on time-saving tactics that will help keep your family happy at the dinner table. We don’t need to tell you that Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are some of the most important days of the year for your brand because you’ve already had that pressure put on you for what feels like months. Today, we’re here to give you one final checklist: a last-minute inventory of your holiday community management essentials.


The “War” Room

Whether you’re huddling at the office or working remotely, it’s important to set up a war room that allows you to work productively, efficiently, and perhaps most importantly—comfortably. For example, you don’t want to feel like you can’t take a bathroom break because the restrooms are on the opposite end of the building. It’s also important to make sure your workspace is relatively quiet so you focus during those high-traffic hours. For me, this means keeping my attention-hungry puppy out of the room and entertained by my family when my social inbox is filling up.

1 | Distraction-free
2 | Comfortable chair
3 | Close proximity to restroom


The Technology

This may seem obvious, but don’t forget your laptop and phone chargers. Even the most seasoned pros can miss this step, so pack those chargers ahead of time. And call me paranoid, but I never fully trust the Wi-fi situation. It gives me peace of mind to pack a hot spot just in case the Wi-fi goes out. If you’re someone who works better, faster and stronger with music in your ears, then don’t forget your most comfortable headphones.

1 | Phone charger
2 | Laptop charger
3 | Wi-fi
4 | Hotspot
5 | Headphones


The Essentials

These are tried-and-true items that have gotten me through the longest days of community management. I tend to tense up, so having a neck pillow reminds me to stay comfortable and relaxed. Make sure you have your FAQ with any emergency contacts. These frequently asked questions arm you with the necessary knowledge to keep response times low. Last but certainly not least, stay hydrated, awake and fed. If you’re on your own and aren’t near a kitchen, have a delivery app downloaded for easy access to food.

1 | Neck pillow
2 | FAQ sheet
3 | Caffeine
4 | Large water container
5 | Protein bars
6 | Food delivery app


Minimizing distractions and optimizing your workspace ahead of time will surely prepare you for the storm in your inbox. No doubt it’s going to be a busy week, so rest up, stay optimistic, and start getting those bags packed. We can’t wait to see you rock it.


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