Holiday Survival Guide: 6 Insights For Community Managers


Time is money, but during the holidays time is family. Take a look at the photo above. Is that you? Well, we’re here to help you manage the storm and—hopefully—keep the dinner table sacred. If you’ve ever been yelled at by your family for having your devices on during a holiday meal then listen up. Here are some tips for how to better manage your time and team during this holiday season. You’ll notice time-saving icons above each tip. Disclaimer: These are guestimates based on personal community managment experience.


1 | Take Shifts And Eat Up



Planning out shifts for your team is one of our essential tips this holiday season. We don’t want you pulling a muscle working a 14-hour day. If you plan it out no one on your team will be stuck with the dinner shift. With enough prior notice, each team member's family can plan accordingly. And if something comes up—and it most certainly will—you can use Conversation's Response and Routing tool to assign out tasks to your team member on the clock. Dinner saved and crisis managed. Feels good. What's next?



2 | Check Your FAQs



If you don’t already have a holiday FAQ, it’s time get to it. Do you have a new product set to release on Black Friday? Prep your team for any possible release issue, so they're equipped to handle what comes their way. Also, have a general FAQ, so you don’t find yourself waiting on approval from a supervisor at the 11th hour.

A well-organized FAQ will give you and your team the confidence to respond promptly on "game" day. Your customers are set to experience long lines, so a quick response will help you stand out. Here's the game plan: Set up two lists of approved and disapproved responses. Prepare these lists and boost your chances of keeping your customers happy in the hustle.

This year at #SFSummit, we picked up insightful social care tips. For one, the travel industry saw the highest reviews from customers whose bad experience was quickly made right—even higher than customers who had a faultless brand experience. So set up those lists, save the day, and feel the warmth from your happy customers. Whatever issue may arise, be it shipping, the site crashing, sold-out items, or long lines, you’ll be ready.



3 | Create An Image Bank



Sure, images may cost you 23 characters per tweet, but engaging content is worth it. Use a variety of content types across your channels and grab your audience inundated by the same old holiday content. Create a bank of distinctive images, GIFs, and memes ahead of time. Not only are they more engaging, they have the added benefit of making your user experience more personal. And during a season of a million ads, it's important to be less robotic. So take the time to get your content ready so that all you have to do is respond right from your curated collection of good cheer. And, if you use Conversations, we make it simple to preload holiday content right into your Content Center.



We hope these tips help save you some time and customers this holiday season. And don't be shy: we'd love to hear from you during and after the holiday to see how things go. Tweet us. And for more helpful tips, stay tuned for our third survival series post next week on what to pack in your survival kit.

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