Customer Partners: Your Navigators to Success

When is the last time you pulled out a map? A real paper map that you unfold, flip around a few times, and glare at in an attempt to look like you know exactly where you are and where you are going?

Long gone are the days of paper maps and handwritten directions, but the challenge of understanding what steps to take to get you where you want to go is still real.  Now, we simply type or speak our destination into our cars’ GPS or our cell phones and trust that the technology will get us there. Think of the Customer Success Team at Spredfast as your trusted navigation system, fueled by technology, plotting the route of your social journey with the destination set to “Success.” Our Customer Partners mark each important stop and explain each valuable sight along the road of partnership with Spredfast.

Here are four key ways your Customer Partner can ensure you get where you need to go in social and digital marketing:


For a Spredfast customer, the Customer Partner is your strongest advocate – a navigator riding in your passenger seat.  Your CP is a direct connection to our Product Team, Marketing Team, Custom Solutions Team, and our Executive Team.

The Customer Partner Team relays product feedback, enhancements, and ideas back to the Product Teams on a constant basis, championing the voice of the customer when shaping our product and our product roadmap. This is critical input that helps align our innovative products and services with the needs of our most socially and digitally innovative customers. If you have an idea that would be valuable to the teams developing our software, be sure to let your CP know.

Trusted Advisor

Whether you call your navigation system a GPS or a Sat Nav, our Customer Partners are tuned in across the globe. We have Customer Partners in the UK, Australia, and the US allowing our domestic and international customers access to a trusted advisor who deeply understands their market, their business, their social and digital marketing goals, and the unique ways they utilize the Spredfast product suite of Conversations, Intelligence, and Experiences.

Customer Partners communicate important product updates, share best practices, and continually ensure that you are getting the most value out of Spredfast software. Having a trusted relationship and complex understanding of your business allows your Customer Partner to confidently recommend helpful services such as education resources, strategic guidance, or even a custom solution to maximize your investment.

Main Point of Contact

With an ever-changing social landscape, you need one reliable source of direction. Your Customer Partner is your main point of contact that can provide the most relevant information to keep you running smoothly towards meeting your marketing goals.

As Spredfast grows, we have added specialized teams focused on different elements of customer success – from solving a technical issue, to training a new team, to building a custom visualization. Your CP will connect you to these teams, as well as many of our always-on resources such as our active Spredfast Customer Community and our highly acclaimed Spredfast Customer Support team. (Forrester Research recently highlighted that “Clients love Spredfast’s onboarding and support” in The Forrester Wave™: SRP, Q2 2015)


Chances are, you have chosen to partner with Spredfast because you have your sights set on some pretty impressive destinations in digital and social. Plus, you will likely want to know what other added benefits you can take advantage of along the way. This is another area where your Customer Partner is a great resource. Keeping our finger on the pulse of social and digital marketing, there are many opportunities for our customers to participate in awesome industry happenings such as webinars with leaders like Pinterest and AdWeek and, beta programs with our social network partners, case studies and blog posts, as well as our two pinnacle annual events, Spredfast at SXSW and Spredfast Summit here in Austin.

Not to worry if you can’t get to Austin: We have added many field events throughout the country as well as overseas for our customers to take advantage of networking and thought-leadership opportunities while staying close to their teams. Ask your CP about the next event in your neck of the woods.

Our True North is helping customers find social success. If you want to learn more about the people and technology that can help you get there, download a free copy of the Forrester SRP Wave.'s picture

Heather Buckingham

Heather is the Manager of Customer Partnerships at Spredfast where she helps the Customer Partner Team deliver unparalleled guidance and support to Spredfast customers. Outside of the office, Heather enjoys running, Boston sports, volunteering, the ocean, and traveling.