Dear Mom, How Do You Describe What I Do For A Living?

She is your number one fan. She embarasses you on Facebook. She usually answers when you call. This Sunday, we celebrate the moms who make our world go round!

Every Mother’s Day, consumers and brands alike take to social to shout out the awesome moms in their lives. Last year alone, there were more than 6.5 million Tweets about mom on Mother’s Day. 

The NBA followed Kevin Durant’s lead to honor the real MVP,


Playskool shared some real talk from one of our favorite celebrity moms,

Happy Mother's Day!

Posted by Playskool on Sunday, May 11, 2014


HBO took time to shout out their most celebrated Mother,


And Oreo reminded us that special times call for special measures.


With so many people taking time to talk about mom, there’s no denying that spreading the Mother’s Day love is well worth the keystrokes. This got me thinking, who are the brilliant social enthusiasts behind these thoughtful ideas? And perhaps more importantly, who are their moms?

This Mother’s Day, we asked some of our ever-inspiring customers and socially savvy Spredfast employees to ask a mom in their life, "How do you describe what I do?" and thought you’d get a kick out of the responses.



Though Heather’s mom isn’t entirely sure who Heather’s clients are, she does know her daughter works hard to keep ‘em happy.



Eliza's mom sure does know how to make a job sound fun.



Austin’s mom also says he can sell a product like it’s the best thing since sliced bread. What a compliment!



There's no denying it: Katie’s mom hit the nail on the head.



Courtney’s mom’s description of Spredfast was just as great as her description of Courtney’s job. Way to go, mom!



Did you know Luke has been attracted to technology and pushing buttons since he was a toddler? What a fun tidbit from his mom.



Short and sweet from Mama Wooding! (Even if she did have to Google "what is social media?")



Chantal's mom also remembers the time Chantal was assigned to work with a really cool social network. Her mom says Chantal screamed like a crazy person. I like that enthusiasm!


Last but not least, Rachel flipped the script and asked her daughter to describer her job. And yes, that is advertising with a 'z.' How cute!



Moms, they love us unconditionally and support our every endeavor, even if they’re not entirely sure what it is we do for a living. We had a blast asking our moms to describe our role—Want to do the same? Ask your mom to describe what you did for a living and Tweet it to us at @Spredfast.

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