Deeper Context, Faster Response with Twitter

How many times a day does a customer service representative ask the same three to four questions? Too many to count. Providing a tailored response requires the brand representative be armed with as much information as possible to understand the nature of the issue they are dealing with, and respond quickly. That means asking a series of questions to get to the bottom of the issue at hand. To help make asking those questions—plus responding and capturing data—more efficient, Twitter has added new features in the Direct Message.

Spredfast is proud to be among the first to integrate and build into Twitter’s quick replies in Direct Messages that will allow our customers to speed up their customer interactions. Spredfast users will be able to select from a list of pre-created options that ask a series of questions in this brand new Direct Message experience on Twitter. Think, for example, Airbnb asking for a booking number and email associated with a rental or an airline asking for an address to which to return lost luggage. Data captured in those responses is stored on the user's profile for future historical context or for unifying the customer picture across channels.



On a channel where 93% of Tweets are one-to-one between a brand and a consumer, creating an easier path to taking these conversations private clears up the rest of Twitter for the rest of us. The agent or community manager asking the question also has a deeper level of information available to them in a more automated way, which speeds up response times of a channel where consumer expectations are sky-high. And the consumer asking the question has a simpler way to provide the information that’s critical to resolving an issue—ideally receiving a more timely and personalized response. Everyone wins with introduction of a richer Direct Message experience on Twitter.

Creating an easier path to taking these conversations private clears up the rest of Twitter for the rest of us.


"Spredfast allows us to see the full picture of the issue when it reaches their Inbox. And quick replies help streamline the conversation and allow our team members to resolve issues quickly,” says Andrea Finnegan, Global Manager of Social Media Care at Airbnb.

Integrating with quick replies on day one is just another example over the last few months of Spredfast being among the first to integrate and work alongside Twitter to bring to market the most advanced, innovative care capabilities. From expanding character counts beyond 140 to being able to survey interactions for Net Promoter Scores, Twitter is making it easier than ever for a consumer to see the Direct Message as a customer service channel. As you’ve seen from our announcement last week, businesses must have a platform like Spredfast to solve customer issues via social channels.

In addition to quick replies, Twitter also introduced welcome messages, which enable businesses to have a message to greet customers starting a Direct Message with them, even when they can't send the user a message. This could be used in the case someone sends a message outside of business hours, or many other use cases. These new features allow customers like Airbnb to create automated conversation flows and if a guest has an issue along the way, they can seamlessly switch over to an agent who can take it from there.

"We live in an increasingly social-first world, and ninety-three percent of conversations between brands and consumers are one-to-one. But at a time when more than half of consumers expect brands to respond on social within the hour, most businesses are failing to deliver on these expectations,” says Rod Favaron, Spredfast President and CEO. “This new capability from Twitter goes a long way to solving this problem, and gives social customer care agents what they need to solve problems quickly."

As Twitter continues to develop features to make it easy for a consumer to reach out to a company, Spredfast will be right there beside them. We know that innovation is driven first and foremost by tangible need, which is why we listen to the market and to our customers so closely. We will remain listening, and remain innovating in kind.

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Austin Lytle is a Director, Product Marketing at Spredfast where he works with customers and the Spredfast product team to make sure we are delivering the world's best social software platform. Austin spent three years running political campaigns in Texas and Louisiana. A New Orleans native, he is avid cyclist and lover of music and wine.