Does Jamming Your Website into a Facebook Tab Make Your Company More Social?

We met a company a few weeks ago that asked us to come and talk about our social media management capabilities. This company is a multi-national giant with world-class brands and products. In reviewing their requirements ahead of time, they seemed to us pretty narrowly focused on Facebook. We tend to work with companies that want to engage on many different social platforms.

We got an overview of their strategy at the beginning of the meeting. It boils down to this - last year they deployed five websites worldwide to support their five core brands. Each of these websites supports local country content. That was 2010. The plan for 2011? Roll out those five websites in Facebook tabs. In other words, jam your website into a Facebook tab = social.

Having run Marketing teams, I can at some level get this logic. Signing up to deploy a new website or deploy a Facebook tab is an easier deliverable to put in your annual plan than a social engagement metric. Its safer. Its more known. You have a lot of the content from your websites - just need to resize for the Facebook tab. And you can probably repurpose the project plans from building the websites and plug those into your Facebook tab app development plan.

But what about all the conversations happening about your brands outside of Facebook? How are you going to manage and engage there?

What about employees that are engaging with suppliers and partners and customers today on the different social platforms – how are they brought into this strategy? Do they have to wait for the Facebook tabs?

And didn't you just put all this effort into developing innovative, world-class websites? Are you going to drive traffic to those sites or to Facebook?

Now, you could certainly argue that this might only be a Year One strategy. Get Facebook up and then move to other platforms and build out the processes for social engagement. And that might work for this company. However, this mindset seems very siloed.

In the meantime, conversations are happening on Facebook and every other social platform about this company. What is being done to help employees engage in these conversations in a managed and measured way? Facebook tabs will not help this social engagement.

What is your take? Do you find this single channel/single platform focus is common? Most of the multi-nationals we work with are adamant that social media management should encompass all major social networks from day one.




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