Driving Better Business Decisions with Spredfast + Tableau

As social programs become a strategic priority for business across all industries, your team is faced with a challenge: how to extract value and insights from social media and share across the organization. We've seen the demand for data -- and ways to make sense of it all -- skyrocket over the past few years. As social programs become a strategic priority for businesses across all industries, solid measurement and reporting connecting social back to business value is crucial. That's why we first invested in business intelligence (BI) partnerships two years ago, and it's why we've recently revamped our analytics platform. Today, we take that evolution a step further by making it easier than ever to send key social performance data from Spredfast to Tableau.

A few weeks ago, we wrote about unlocking the power of enterprise social media analytics and how Spredfast makes it easy for teams to demonstrate the impact social media has on a brand. But just as important as painting a picture of your social performance for your marketing and care teams is viewing social using a broader business lens. Connected data is powerful data, and that's why we've invested in integrating Spredfast social analytics with Tableau.

Spredfast + Tableau

Spredfast provides comprehensive social data and is invaluable for scalable reporting and uncovering insights from social. Tableau helps people see and understand data from across the business. Now joint customers can count Spredfast analytics as one of the key data sources powering Tableau reporting and analysis, and turning on the integration is easier than ever.

The enhanced integration is seamless, allowing any joint user to connect data from the two systems in just a few clicks. Users can set automatically recurring exports that connect social data into Tableau with no development or configuration required. Now leaders can be sure that they’re getting the most up to date social insights with the frequency and reliability they require.

Connect Your Data for Better Business Decisions

Whether you’re interested in social media from a marketing, customer care, or e-commerce point of view, there’s no doubt social media continues to grab more mindshare and budget every year. Social media spend has grown over 240% since 2009 and marketers expect to spend to continue growing over the next 5 years (CMO REPORT). With this growth in spend and effort, CMOs and other leaders must be able to view social data in conjunction with all other data that drives business decisions.

For leadership, the Spredfast-Tableau partnership means accessing social performance insights alongside other key marketing metrics to uncover the larger story of social media’s impact on the business. Tableau helps leaders combine and analyze data to drive decisive action and results. Spredfast lets teams surface detailed or comprehensive social insights. Combining the power of Spredfast social analytics with the rest of the marketing data in Tableau allows leaders to make broad connections from social across marketing.

Use Spredfast together with Tableau to connect your data and make better business decisions.


Perhaps your revenue marketing team is running an email campaign, and you’re curious to see if the campaign had any impact on social. Or, say you’re running a cross-channel digital campaign and you want to examine peaks and troughs in customer interest across all channels. With Spredfast & Tableau, uncovering those insights is simple.

The Future of Spredfast Business Intelligence Integrations

We’ve come a long way since announcing our partnership with BI tools two years ago. This next-level partnership with Tableau and Spredfast Analytics will prepare any business to take the insights we all know social can provide and connect them to key decision makers and leaders within the business.

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Cara Dolence manages Spredfast's partner programs globally to help customers realize the full value of integrating their technology stacks. Cara currently lives in London and still supports her Virginia Tech Hokies and Washington Capitals from afar.