The Fabulous Life of...a Mass Relevance Intern

Since my friends are all suffering from internship-envy, I have turned to the Mass Relevance blog as an outlet to articulate a diary of thoughts about my experience as a Brand Communications Intern thus far. Considering that my “work” is all that I talk about, I’ve managed to compartmentalize my chatter into three distinct categories that best express why my internship is downright fabulous.

The People

It’s difficult to describe the Mass Relevance community. Analogies fail to capture the scope of their eccentricity, and examples don’t accurately portray the full extent of hilarity that regularly takes place inside the company walls. I suppose only a documentary would show an outsider the genuine awesomeness of my co-workers, but alas, such blackmail does not yet exist.

I work in the marketing department, otherwise known as the exhibition for some of the most entertaining characters you’ll ever encounter. Between the regular dancing and singing outbursts, spectators might make the embarrassing assumption that the department is preparing an audition routine, however our chatter probably suggests we’re on a family sitcom. Humor aside, I am surrounded by some of the most intelligent, friendly and supportive people I’ve ever encountered. When they’re not making me laugh, they’re teaching me something new or asking me what I’d like to learn. They’re extremely generous when it comes to praise, and most importantly, they’re approachable when I have questions.

Erika Brule, our Senior Events Manager, showing her approval of our strategic alliance with Facebook in September.

That’s the end of my sappy rambling. Let’s not forget that in addition to being kindhearted and friendly, their talents are also quite breathtaking.

The Work

Thus far I’ve made my internship sound like nothing short of a carnival, but the truth is, we also know how to work. The thing is that when I’m here it doesn’t feel like work, rather I like to say I spend my days making an impact at the office. When the environment is as fun and free spirited as it is at Mass Relevance, making an impact is exhilarating, not taxing.

Of course it’s not all butterflies and rainbows - making an impact is neverending. I love being busy and Mass Relevance has been more than happy to appease me. It’s also a fast-paced environment. The conclusion of one project means transitioning into the next job, not  stopping for a back rub (although we do have a massage chair).  

Still, I feel like I’m part of something more than a hard-working business - I’m part of a team; a community. The company has five core values that keep us aligned with our culture and not only do I actually know them, I practice them! Most companies speak about culture like it’s an obligation - another box to check off on the building-a-business-to-do list. As a former skeptic of the culture push, I am now a core value convert. Below is a list of our core values and examples of how I’ve practiced them.

  • Agilispeed - Because we’re in such a fast-paced industry, we have to move even faster. Due dates aren’t taken lightly here. As part of a door opener campaign, I had to coordinate campaign assets including bibs for a barbecue event. Between coordinating with the creative team and the bib company, I was working with a tight timeline and quick coordination was essential.

  • Awesomeness - Our office is overflowing with awesomeness. The ideas and ingenuity beaming from the client services department to the creative team formulate a breeding ground for inspiration.

  • Transopency - Just like we’re honest with our clients, we’re honest with each other about our work. When writing blogs or communicating with clients I’ll routinely request feedback from my co-workers because I know they’ll give me an honest and constructive critique.

  • Teamswork - When they told us group work was important in college they weren’t kidding, and I couldn’t have asked for a better group. We’re laughing, we’re working, and we’re communicating always. Between group huddles, breakfasts, and meetings, the company ensures that as we grow we’re on the same page, working in the same direction; together.

  • Freesponsibility - This basically means we’re going to trust you to do your job. No one’s breathing down my neck making sure I do my work, which surprisingly makes me want to do more work. I’m currently in the process of creating a content calendar for our new local speaker series set to launch with Google in 2014. Super casual.

Pictures of our five core values that hang at the front of our office.

The Food

Yes, that’s correct - this is a section dedicated to food. To put it lightly, the Mass Relevance kitchen is a gift from the Gods, a safe haven for those with bottomless stomachs, a utopia for the insatiable eater if you will. Leading the kitchen is Emilee, our head of health and fitness. She spoils us with delicious and healthy meals, and even sends us calorie counts - probably as a reminder to calm down on taco day. Birthdays and milestones are always celebrated with some form of dessert, and every so often we’ll have a classy wine and cheese Friday to wrap up the week. This is usually where my friends tell me to stop talking…

Food. Lots and lots of food.

The End

Since starting my internship, I’ve begun to re-think my stigma against entering the real world. Forget about the food, if it’s filled with people and work like Mass Relevance, it can’t be all bad. That’s all for now, our pumpkin carving contest starts soon and I need to go brainstorm.  


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