Facebook’s TV Integration Makes Social Content Part of the Script

The age of social TV has arrived, but now it’s becoming more advanced - and for Discovery and NBC - more integrated. With the release of Facebook’s new media APIs in April, these networks are better equipped to deliver interesting and relevant real-time conversations. As a new partner in Facebook’s Public Content Solutions Program, Spredfast is working alongside Facebook to power compelling broadcast integrations that help connect viewers to the content they’re seeing on-air.

“Spredfast, through their Mass Relevance product line, is a pioneer and long-time leader in solutions for social TV and digital products.  We’re thrilled to welcome them to the Facebook Public Content Solutions  partner program and excited to innovate together in the space going forward.” – Bob Morgan, Partner Engineer Manager

The Today Show: Orange Room is trending

Starting this week, ‘The Today Show’ won’t just be talking about news from the past 24 hours -- they’ll have access to the top trends from the past 24 seconds. The Today Show’s Orange Room will feature trending topics live on an interactive touch-screen, powered by real-time data from Facebook.



News anchor Carson Daly will be able to swipe through posts on the trending feed to show audiences what people across the country are talking about, and can then tap through a topic to find related Facebook content. From updates on top sporting events like the World Cup to breaking news to exciting celebrity stories, The Today Show will always be ready to fill you in on the latest.




The Discovery Channel: Street Outlaws get the vote Staying true to their name, the Discovery Channel sought to uncover new ways to engage with an enthusiastic fan base for the third season of ‘Street Outlaws’ - a fast and furious look inside Oklahoma City’s street racing scene. To keep their show up to speed with the cars and their fans, Discovery is using Facebook to power a weekly live-vote allowing viewers to share support for their top picks. Throughout the show, fans will be prompted to vote exclusively on Facebook for their favorite team using custom hashtags. Real-time results will be unveiled on-air so that viewers can see how their picks stack up to the competition.

The new season airs Monday, June 23. Tune in and cast your vote to see which team is America’s favorite.

What’s Next?

Exciting new TV shows are constantly cropping up while old favorites are extending their run, and Facebook will continue to find new ways to help media companies tell rich and compelling stories that draw viewers into programming. On the viewers’ side, we’re looking at a whole new avenue for engagement where audiences can watch the news or cheer on their favorite characters with intensified, personal control. Facebook is a space where people from all over the world gather every day to share their thoughts and participate in real-time conversations. Now that the consumer voice is getting louder, media companies can capture these stories to share back with TV audiences who are watching and listening.

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