Facebook's Social Care & Community Tips and Best Practices

Have you ever wondered how Facebook uses Facebook? At Spredfast Connect in Palo Alto, Kelly Meanley, Digital Marketing Manager for Facebook for Business, shared how-tos and lessons learned from managing a community of 10 million people. Here are top takeaways from the event.

Prepare before you post

  • Have a publishing calendar to keep content in one place and plan what is going out when.
  • Create a test Page where you publish everything first, to avoid mistakes. (Test Page should be an unpublished Page so only you can see it.)
  • Have an escalation process in place for quick response times—you may not always be the subject matter expert, so identify someone who is.
  • Reach out to PR if you’re planning to publish sensitive content—prepare FAQs ahead of time so you’ll be equipped to reply to comments in a timely manner.
  • Develop moderation guidelines—know what you will and will not respond to, and what actions to take if/when community members violate rules.

Be critical of your content

  • It’s important to promote the content internal stakeholders want to push, but balance that with what your audience wants and cares about.
  • Apply your content quality filter—is this going to benefit your community and your brand? Don’t post just to post.
  • Be on brand. What you publish should adhere to your brand guidelines—does the post reflect your brand’s voice and tone? Does the post sound like your brand/company?
  • Keep it brief. You only have a few seconds to grab someone’s attention in News Feed. It’s a good rule of thumb to keep your post copy to 90 characters (or less).
  • Communicate value—why should your audience care?
  • Add a “call to action”—why are you sharing this? What do you want your audience to do (e.g., read more/buy/sign up)?
  • When posting in other markets, don’t just translate—localize your content to reflect the regional nuances of those markets.

Engage, learn, evolve

  • Reply to both positive and negative comments—people appreciate honesty and authenticity.
  • Identify and empower brand advocates to share your message, and their own experiences, with others by giving them a voice. Consider featuring them in a blog post, invite them to guest blog or to co-create content with you.
  • Listen to your audience—what they share in comments could very well inform your content strategy. Their feedback truly is a gift.
  • Don’t be afraid to change your community strategy and try new things. Your community will evolve over time and you’ll need to evolve with them.

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Ashley Connell

Ashley is a Field Marketing Manager at Spredfast. She spends her 9-to-5 supporting the sales team with out-of-the-box, yet effective campaigns to get marketers (yeah, like you) to understand the importance of practicing Smart Social. In her free time, you’ll find Ashley travelling to the four corners of the globe, or on her yoga mat.