FIFA’s Goal? Give Fans the Social Content That Matters

Thirty-two days, 900 million spectators, 64 matches, and one Social Experience to track all World Cup conversation. As one of the largest events of the year, FIFA social media recognized the need to create a unique display of digital content. The result? A social experience large enough to serve the world, yet small enough to make your own.  

See the Social You Want to See

This year the soccer association pulled out all the stops - or in this case, social content - to track as much World Cup conversation as fans could scan. In total, a compilation of more than 1,100 search-based social streams were created to deliver a completely original and customizable social experience for soccer fans. Pulling in content from team’s and player’s social accounts - including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram - visitors to the social destination are quickly able to access their favorite athlete’s social platforms in one packaged location. The social leaderboards can even be viewed in a grid or list format for fans to see how their team’s popularity stacks up against competitors. Interested in seeing if people are trash talking your team’s arch enemy? Sentiments about teams and players are also accounted for in the fan buzz bar.   


FIFA Social Media FIFA Social Media

Now you can see what everyone is saying about your favorite team, but what if you’re only interested in seeing what celebrities are posting about the event? One click and you’re strictly viewing celebrity’s World Cup-related content. Of course, there are those of us who’d prefer to strictly see what fans or players have to say - and yes, there are separate views for that content too - all of which can be seen in a mosaic display like the one below.  

FIFA Social Media

Keeping in mind that FIFA’s site will be visited by different fans from different countries, Spredfast included a broader global scope of the games, offering six different languages to choose from when browsing content. Along with the desktop and mobile experience, there is an accompanying World Cup app for smartphones to keep up-to-date on the go. Check out the social content activity map below that’s tracking content by geographical location in real-time. Upon clicking on the location, soccer fans have access to view what people in that area are saying about the games. FIFA Social Media

The Sponsor that Scored

No commercials? No problem! Spredfast helped FIFA create a unique opportunity for Adidas to seamlessly integrate sponsored content into every aspect of the World Cup conversation. As a FIFA sponsor, its brand is featured throughout the content experiences, enhancing the user’s visit and empowering fans to get the content they want. FIFA Social Media 

The Game Plan

By allowing fans to dictate the conversations they view, FIFA is amplifying audience engagement on its site while giving sponsors the opportunity to non-intrusively interact with consumers. The global scope of FIFA’s social experience is massive, but the specific freedom for audiences to pick and choose their experience is an even larger feat.

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