FOX Sports Makes Innovative Plays in Social Sponsorship Offerings

While they’ve been covering action on the field, FOX Sports has also been making their own moves in the social arena. By integrating social media into their sponsorship packages, this sports media giant is providing compelling experiences to their brand sponsors and the consumers that view them.

Why did FOX Sports make the decision to integrate social as part of their agreement?  How are FOX Sports sponsors such as Pizza Hut, AT&T, and KFC boosting audience engagement through social media? How are these partnerships benefiting both FOX Sports and their sponsors?

Learn these answers and more with FOX Sports Product Manager, Greg Urbano, as he discusses the meaningful ways FOX Sports leverages social sponsorships to impact consumer and viewer participation.'s picture

Rachel Jamail

Rachel Jamail works at the intersection of customer marketing and brand communications. Partnering with Spredfast's most innovative customers, she integrates their voice into the Spredfast brand by promoting and sharing their success and leadership in social media marketing through a variety of ways - from press to speaking engagements to thought leadership opportunities to product roadmap influence. When not working, she loves doing yoga, eating ice cream, and rooting for the Longhorns and Crimson.