Friday Five: The Holiday Ads We're Loving

Holiday ads are all around us this time of year. You can hardly turn on the TV without hearing a jingle set to, what else, "Santa Claus is Coming To Town" while the sight of freshly baked cookies is on every print ad within eyeshot. While we're all about creating the warm and fuzzies during the holidays, we love when people think outside of the gift box (pun very intentional).

Here are our top 5 video ads that will have you ho, ho, ho-ing this season.


NBA's 'Jingle Hoops'

Take some jingle bells, add a basketball hoop, and five all-star NBA players. You've got us humming along already.

K'Mart's 'Show Your Joe'

A boxer commercial set to "We Wish You a Merry Christmas." Be warned: there's some talented and scantily dressed men, looking to dance their way into your holiday heart.

Target's 'My Kind of Holiday'

It's rare when a digital ad can reference its social media brothers and sisters (Instagram, Twitter, etc.) without seeming trite or self-referential. Target instead creates a fun scene of a modern holiday season, complete with iPhones to capture all the memories.

Harvey Nichols 'Sorry- I Spent It On Myself'

In this ad, several people are extremely disappointed with their lame gifts while the giftgivers, in earnest, try and convince the recipients of how wonderful their, say, Christmas toothpicks are while flaunting the Christmas presents they gifted themselves. Harvey Nichols says it all with the catchphrase, "A little something for them; a bigger something for you."

KFC UK's 'The Taste That Unites'

Because, if nothing else, we can always agree on how great fried chicken is. Even better if you set it to music. Our favorite line? "Typically, I hate your guts and I'd try to kill you but one of everybody's vices is 11 herbs and spices."


Did you have any favorite video ads that we left out? We'd love to hear what's tickling your holiday funny bone this season. Let us know: @spredfast.'s picture

Caitlin Greenwood

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