Friday Five: This Week in Social

Meghan Brindley is the Social Training Manager at Spredfast with a passion for all things social. When she's not traveling to train Spredfast customers, you can find her exploring Austin with her friends and most loyal companion, a goldendoodle named Tyler. There are two aspects of my job that make me want to tweet #lovemyjob on a regular basis. The first is meeting our customers during training sessions and helping them on the path to social media rockstardom. There really isn't anything more satisfying than sharing my own social nerdiness and watching customers become equally excited about all the wonderful things they can do via Spredfast for their brand. The second is working in a field that changes rapidly. There are always plenty of social nuggets to share, discover, and ultimately learn from. With that, here are 5 articles that got my attention this week.

1.  How to Rock Social Media in 30 minutes a day Some people might describe the world of infographics as saturated. I still love them, and found this post by Brianna Smith on Social Media Today helpful, especially for those who feel like building your professional or personal social media presence is a daunting task.

2.  5 Marketing Lessons from Lady Gaga Since our Customer Summit last October, Spredfasters and social enthusiasts alike have been waiting in anticipation for Jackie Huba to release her book Monster Loyalty; How Lady Gaga Turns Followers into Fanatics. Lucky for us, it happened last week! While I highly suggest that you read the book, here's a great piece by Dave Kerpin that I'm confident will pique your interest.

3.  Multi-Channel Customer Care Includes Social If a brand is going to create a Twitter account or Facebook brand page, they need to quickly decide how they're going to respond to customer complaints via social. Having worked with multiple Spredfast partners, I know from experience that it's not easy, but once you're up and running it's highly valuable and rewarding. This post by Dave Evans is summed up nicely in one sentence (but I encourage you to read the entire post): "The challenge with social is that it's not just an add-on: it's a culture change."

4.  Social Media Guidelines During National Tragedies with Razorfish Like many people, I found out about the Boston Marathon bombing via Twitter, but I also witnessed something that I had never seen before - people I follow becoming upset at brands for not "pausing" their scheduled content. Whether you agree or disagree, this post by Matt Heindl is a must read for any brand who currently has or is in the process of revamping or developing a social media playbook or list of guidelines.

5.  The Mother of all Frequencies, or: a Tweet not Tweeted Confession: I love finding great articles that reference social media, but have nothing to do with strategy. I suppose that they speak to my undergraduate English degree. This post by Thomas Beller describes two situations that I've been in a few times: 1) you meet someone in person that you've never met or hardly know and they reference one of your tweets, and 2) when you craft a tweet & decide not to send it. Happy reading! Any articles I should add to my to-read list?'s picture

Courtney Doman

Courtney is the Content Marketing Manager at Spredfast. She focuses on sharing smart social ideas and insights to transform the way companies connect with consumers. Courtney is a passionate football fan (supporting Arsenal and the USMNT), curious traveller, and ambitious home cook.