Friday Five: This Week in Social

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Beyond Elon Musk announcing progress on the Jetson’s-like Hyperloop via Twitter, some other things have happened in social this week. Twitter is testing out new features, social platforms are moving toward e-commerce and your Facebook friends just became even more attractive with a new Google Chrome extension.

1.  Twitter is Testing Out a Feature to Highlight Live Events Happening Near You
Twitter is testing out two new features - this one uses hashtags and geo-location to highlight events of interest to users nearby. The role of conversation volume and paid placement is yet to be seen.

2.  Twitter is Testing Out a New TV Trending Box At The Top of Your Timeline
People can now hashtag-along with their favorite shows in one place. The box contains show information, Tweet data and related accounts all merged into the top of a user’s timeline.

3.  Pinterest Becomes Ecommerce Contender with Introduction of Price Drop Alerts
Never miss a sale on your favorite items again! Alerts will arrive via email through the power of “Rich Pins.”

4.  Report: Facebook Testing PayPal Rival for Mobile App Purchases
Speaking of e-commerce, Facebook users will soon be able to log their credit card info to make purchases on partnering mobile apps.

5.  'Hey Girl' Chrome Extension Ryan Gosling-ifies Your Web Browsing
Not so much social, but a whole bunch of awesome. The extension’s developer said she hopes to inspire women to get involved in web development. Consider me inspired and looking forward to the day when I am able to Paul Rudd-ify my Facebook feed.

Be honest, you've already Gosling'd your browser, haven't you? #StaySocial's picture

Courtney Doman

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