GetGlue’d to Social TV with Mass Relevance

People love their favorite TV programs.

In fact, the only thing people love more than watching their favorite TV programs is talking about them with their friends.

In the past, we couldn’t instantly know our friends’ reactions to an incredible plot twist in our favorite show without being right next to them. There used to be a gap between you and your friends that the proliferation of social media has removed.

The result is major television events have now evolved into massive community watching parties where social networks are the hotbeds for conversation.

Think about when you had all your friends over to watch the big game last season. Do you remember how many of them were on their phones or tablets at some point in the game? At least a third of them, right?

According to Nielsen, 36% of people were visiting social networking sites while viewing a program last year, indicating proof of the increasing trend that people are using other devices to engage each other on social media while watching TV.

So which social media platforms are people using during the show? Besides the usual suspects, there have been new, TV-specific social networks that have arisen to meet our social TV needs like GetGlue, the platform on which nearly 100,000 viewers of last season’s finale of Game of Thrones were engaging.

So what does this mean?

While a gap no longer exists between fans and their friends, the gap now lies in between fans and media companies who aren’t taking advantage of the opportunity to engage their fans while they watch the programs.

How can you take advantage of the opportunity and close the gap between your company and your fans?

Mass Relevance has the answer.

Mass Relevance is the first social media curation and display platform to be integrated with GetGlue, the social goldmine of amazing, user-generated content centered around TV programming (live, scripted or sports show).

Our media clients can now increase ratings and fandom further by using the Mass Relevance platform to discover, filter and display fan-created images, comments, and memes on any owned digital property. One way to engage your audience would be to create a Flock-to-Unlock experience by encouraging viewers to interact on GetGlue while rewarding them with exclusive content as social buzz accelerates. You can even take it a step further with our flexible real-time platform by broadcasting the best GetGlue content during a live event!

With such a large number of engaged fans producing so much incredible content on GetGlue, we wanted to pave the way for media companies to show off their fans’ passion for your programming in the best ways.

Even if your fans are using other social media platforms, this partnership with GetGlue makes us the social curation platform with the broadest and most on brand sources of user-generated social content relating to TV.

Are you ready to GetGlue’d with us and drive fan engagement? Request a demo of our platform before your next season premiere!

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