Holiday Social Series: REI

The holidays are officially upon us. Whether you've fully committed to The Beach Boys Christmas album on repeat or not, you can't deny that there's a nip in the air and a little spring in everyone's step.

For retail brands, however,  this is also undoubtedly the most stressful time of their year. E-commerce is at an all-time high and exceptional customer service can make all the difference for hurried consumers. So how do you prepare your social platforms to handle the high volume, offer a unique and brand-oriented user experience, and drive sales up?

paolo mottola -REIREI has managed to do all three while offering their customers an informed online shopping experience. We loved their custom branding and smart slogan, and knew we wanted to learn more about their social goals.

We caught up with Paolo Mottola, Digital Engagement Program Manager at REI to talk their top three holiday social insights.

Q: It's a wide, wide social world. How did you choose which platforms to utilize for the holidays?

A: Our holiday social marketing tactics are centered around video, so YouTube is an obvious choice. We will share our campaign content across social networks, too. We respect that everyone has their social network favorites, so we want to meet customers where they choose to spend time and engage with us.

Each social network has a strength in the marketing funnel, and they contribute in combination to a program ROI. Even when we don’t drive an attributable sale, we know that when we are using each platform to its strength we contribute to the business.

Q: We noticed you're getting a lot of social traction with the hashtah #REIgifts. How did you hope customers would interact with it?

A: The objective for #REIGifts is engagement that we hope will help us gain some mindshare during the Holiday season. We are trying to digitize that 1:1 green vest experience that customers get in store and bring some fun and energy to our customers in social channels.

Q: Lastly, fill in the blank for this sentence: "When it comes to REI's holiday social, we hope our members _________________."

A: We hope our members get some inspiration to finish their holiday shopping so that they can maximize the time to go play outside!

With all the great gear REI has in store, we can imagine your customers can't wait to unwrap those gifts soon, Paolo. Thanks for sharing your holiday tips and tricks with us.

For more REI holiday inspiration, visit their Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook to really get into the season's spirit.'s picture

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