How Analytics Company GoodData Optimized Their LinkedIn Presence & Let Content Shine

[GoodData]( is all about business-to-business relationships: the business intelligence platform as a service offers companies a way to monetize their data. If you’re seeking to quickly create and distribute valuable information to large networks, you’d be wise to turn to GoodData. And when GoodData was seeking to expand its social marketing presence, it went to the most natural fit and home: LinkedIn. More than 400 million users use the social network for career opportunities and business news alike, and GoodData understands the importance of such a captive audience. “LinkedIn is make-or-break to our business,” explains GoodData’s Celeste Mora. “It’s our largest social traffic source, and I used to spend large amounts of time on organic scheduling and monitoring. With the stream in [Conversations]( Inbox and a defined LinkedIn calendar, I’ve also been able to focus on other great LinkedIn initiatives, like paid distribution, sales enablement, and [community management.](” GoodData views social networks as net-new demand generation engines, with site traffic as their main measure of success. Since partnering with Spredfast, GoodData has seen impressive growth across LinkedIn, but also on Twitter and in their own blog. **Their growth across channels:** **LinkedIn:** Increased new web visitors from LinkedIn by 13 percent **Twitter:** Increased share of voice on Twitter by 20 percent **Blog:** Increased unique blog hits by 18 percent Beyond these hard numbers, though, the company also values their position as thought leaders in the space, and authors regular, compelling content to maintain that position. “We use our blog as the primary platform for housing thought leadership content which is then shared to our social channels,” Mora says. Take your cue from GoodData: Their content is both innovative in form and comprehensive in scope. For example, there’s [Data Land](, an interactive guide to integrating analytics into a product, and posts on critical industry topics like data monetization and business intelligence, “The Next Big Thing in Big Data,” and top three takeaways from the Forrester Wave. Using Spredfast, GoodData amplifies the stellar content into which they’ve already poured efforts. “We’re able to upload blog images into a central repository, where we can then share to all our channels,” Mora explains. “Also, spending less time worrying about organic sharing for our blogs frees up my time for paid promotion on LinkedIn and Outbrain, which I didn’t have the bandwidth to do in the past.” Want to learn more about how Spredfast products can help you mine social data to make smarter marketing decisions? Check out our [product overview page]( to see how we can help. [](

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