How to be a Big Fish in Facebook's Giant Pond

If we think about social networks as ponds of water, then the Facebook pond just got a lot bigger.

With the recent rollout of #hashtags and deeper insights for Facebook pages, the potential ripple effect of relevant brand content in Facebook has increased exponentially. Of course, throwing the same rocks in a bigger pond means that your ripples might not travel as far as they used to.

Q: So what does it take to be the big fish in a giant pond now?

A: An audience, a branded digital destination, and social integration.

Mass Relevance social experiences are engineered to complete a three action process that enables your brand to make the biggest splash on Facebook with your user generated content. Once you’ve deployed a social experience into your branded digital destination, you’re ready to start giving your customers their own rocks to throw into the pond on your brand's behalf.

Here’s how it works:

Action 1: The Post (Throwing the Rock into the Pond)

It all starts with drawing your consumers to an 'owned' media destination where they can interact with a Mass Relevance social experience. If you set up a “Post to Facebook” button in Product Studio, site visitors will never have to leave your branded destination to dive into the conversation and amplify content to their networks on Facebook.

For inspiration, sneak a peek at Lenovo’s Get Social with Yoga page for a great example of how to integrate one of our social experiences within a branded digital destination.



Action 2: Amplify (Ripples in the Pond)

Now that we’ve gotten site visitors to throw rocks into the pond by posting through the social experience, our platform will amplify the effect that each post has within different Facebook display destinations. Every post generated through the the Mass Relevance social experience will appear on your company’s Facebook page for your fans to see. In addition, Facebook’s algorithm may push the user’s post to the user’s newsfeed.

In essence, each post in the social experience can “ripple” out to your fans and the social network of your site visitors, gaining much more exposure than if the same post by the same user had just been posted directly to your Facebook page.

Action 3: Return Benefits (Cleaning the Pond)

Once we’ve gotten to this stage in the process, our platform will filter the posted content according to your settings to ensure that the content re-displayed in the social experience on your branded destination doesn’t distract from your company’s intended message. After all, nobody likes a dirty pond!

After it’s all said and done, we now have a fresh, dynamic social experience on your very own digital property that is generating authentic user content by engaging customers in a meaningful way. The best part is, this is all done by our platform in real time!

Jump in, the Water’s Fine!

If you’d like to be the next big fish in the Facebook pond, request a demo and dive into our product studio to create stunning visualizations of user content yourself.


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