How CBS “What’s Trending” Show uses Mass Relevance

We’re now helping to inject the show about social media with social media by providing on-screen tweet visualization for the new CBS webcast, “What’s Trending.”  The show canvases a wide array of news stories and current events through the lens of social media in an effort to not only cover the hottest trending topics, but to also anticipate the future of trending topics. According to host and co-executive producer, Shira Lazar, it is uniquely “powered by community and social media.”

Specifically, the Mass Relevance platform is featured in the #influencer segment of the show. Influencers are the guests of honor, so to speak. They are hailed as “the people who are dominating and conducting the conversation online.” Damon Berger, co-executive producer, describes the segment by stating, “This is the big one-on-one interview. These are the people who are doing things that are changing the face of culture. We look to them to come on our show to talk about it.” Featured guests have included Talib Kweli, Lupe Fiasco, Drew Carey, Kevin Smith, and Tony Hsieh.

We are responsible for curating the Twitter buzz surrounding these digital luminaries and displaying the stream live on a television screen behind the interview. The content is pulled from Tweets directed at the specific guest as well as from Tweets by the guests and hosts themselves.

Of using the Mass Relevance platform, Berger says, “I think the tool is amazing. I love it. I think it’s really truly groundbreaking. As broadcasters and creatives, we bring things online that are difficult to present, and it makes it easy to do. It allows us to transform content that is static and text-based into something dynamic and two-dimensional.” Further, he commented, “The greatest thing about this experience has been working with Mass Relevance. The team has always been there on the drop of a dime for me.”

We’re not one to brag...but if our customers do, we are ones to share that! :-)

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