How do you engage: Social SmArchetypes unite!

We"™re wrapping up our first full day of the Summit here in Austin. There"™s been a ton of great engagement and idea sharing (have you checked the #sfsummit stream?). Since we"™re all big social nerds here, we wanted to give our attendees an opportunity to mingle and network IRL. That"™s why we introduced SmArchetypes at the Summit yesterday. What is a SmArchetype (pronounced smar-ki-tayhp) you ask? It"™s your "social media personality".

So who are you on social? Do you only read other people"™s updates and your stream is radio silent? Or maybe you"™re the opposite and you tell the world every time you take a breath. We have 7 different types, read through and decide which one you are!

The 7 different types of SmArchetypes

The Personality: Anyone can say, share it, or tell a story, but you don"™t have to add the LOL to make people tear up with your funny, irreverent musings. #ZOMG

The marketing ladies sporting their SmArchetypes

The Personal Sharer: Man that continental breakfast was good, like "Instagram it, add it to your foursquare chick-in and crosspost to Facebook/ Twitter good". Did I just hear your tummy rumble? #overshare

Chuck Hemann, WCG

The Creator: Where can we find you? Your blog? Your Google+ outpost? At a tweetup? Liveblogging the next social event. You are a renaissance wo(man)- staking your claim and letting others draw to you. #Digitaldavinci

Rebecca Lieb, Altimeter Group 

The Critic: Are your pockets sagging with all of the two cents you"™re ready to dole out on the interwebs? You tune your networks into the latest social buzz, but not without weighting in. #Justsayin

Devin Kani, Spredfast

The Syndicator: New technology release, news story or blog post in the ether? Duh, you already shared it 32 minutes ago. #PleaseRT

The Lurker: Still waters run deep. Maybe your own Twitter stream is more of a brook, but you are a fount of knowledge (if you ever decided to speak up about it, that is). #Lurkaboss

A few lurkers, well lurking

The Conversationalist: At heart you think social media should be, well social. Sure you"™ll share relevant business news, but you like to keep the convo lighthearted and generally among friends. #ChattyCathy

Lauran Driver, Twitter

 However you engage, Spredfast celebrates the SmArchetype in you. We have had an absolute blast meeting and mingling with our customers today and can"™t wait for Day two.

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