How the MOBO Awards Gave Every Viewer a Voice

When it comes to awards shows, we all want in on the action. Who’s wearing what, what’s the deal with these speeches, who’s going to win? Well, luckily for viewers, the time has come—now fans get to decide.

ITV2, one of the UK’s top digital channels, is no stranger to involving audiences from afar. They worked with the MOBO Awards to create a show that involved the audience and the results, as you’ll see below, took Twitter by storm.

Ample Notice Won’t Go Unnoticed

The major social portion of the show took place when viewers and attendees were invited to tweet their votes for “Best Album.” A simple request in theory, but it’s harder to get viewers to take action when the ask is coming from a television screen. Infomercials get people to buy their stuff all the time using blaring, bright, loud messages on screens, but in the case of a massive awards show, tactics for success vary drastically.

The MOBO Awards’ strategy was to stream calls-to-action throughout the show that would educate viewers on voting steps and encourage participation. To keep top-of-mind, the message ran at the bottom of the screen, announcing the nominees’ hashtags several times over the course of the program.

Give Them Something to Talk About

Fans wanted their favorite album to win and so did the artists! When your social ask aligns with a topic of interest to the audience, you’re bound to get engagement—lots of engagement. 

Over the course of the evening, MOBO saw nearly 130,000 Tweets mentioning the MOBO Awards and nearly doubled last year’s live show mentions using the #MOBO2014 hashtag. The show experienced huge spikes in social mentions when calls-to-action for the social vote aired, and of course, when celebrities participated.

Taking Shape

The MOBO Awards demonstrated a shift in how TV audiences experience events. Viewers aren’t watching the dialogue unfold, they’re shaping what’s said next—or in this case, who wins.

The MOBO Awards needed quick responses (lots of them) and even quicker results for their social component to work. By integrating an on-air call-to-action that was relevant to the show’s music-loving viewers, the MOBO Awards stole the show with social.

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