How To Sell Social

Social sells. It’s an important resource for media and brands, but what has been missing is the ability to monetize the experience. Now that has changed.

Through our partnership with Twitter, companies who work with Mass Relevance can move beyond simple engagement and create new revenue streams around social experiences for TV, web, mobile and live events.

The upside for brands is simple. Social experiences create higher audience engagement because more emotion is involved, which can then be associated with a brand. Additionally, brands that participate in these experiences can gain more followers, amplification and interaction.

How do you sell social? First, you need to determine if you’re creating a brand-passive or brand-interactive experience with the sponsor.

A brand-passive experience is one where the brand may come along for the ride, but the interaction is limited between the audience and/or the publisher.

A brand-interactive experience is one where the brand is actively involved in the experience. Perhaps their celebrity spokesperson is involved in the social experience by live-tweeting an event, or they sponsor trivia questions to the audience, or they create bonus content that drives an audience reaction. Or maybe the event’s hashtag and topic of conversation is more aligned to the brand’s unique product.

Next, you must determine how the brand is going to be part of the advertising for the experience. Here are some of the ways we see our clients selling social experiences.

Standard Ad (Premium)

You can sell premium CPM for Web or rates for TV ads when you integrate social into media.

Module Sponsorship

Plug the sponsor directly alongside the social module that may be part of a larger non-social experience. This way the audience will see the brand more closely tied to that element since the real-time, social content usually captivates their attention.

Carve Outs

Smucker’s has been sponsoring the birthday celebrations on The Today Show for years. That segment is a section of a TV show that is a carve out, and is built to carry the brand along with that element of the show that is repeated. TV shows can carve out the “social buzz” sponsorship for lower third on TV, or a recurring element on a page (similar to module) that carries a sponsor.

Integrated Sponsorship

You can created an entire experience that is social and integrate the brand into that experience as the master sponsor (across the top) or throughout the design of the experience.

Social integration is redefining the media landscape. Companies can work directly with Mass Relevance for help creating and selling integrated social experiences. We're creating exciting new opportunities for media companies and brands to engage with consumers in a more meaningful way. And when done correctly, the experience for the end user will be more relevant and rewarding - and that's what matters most.

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