How Social is Moving Chobani Greek Yogurt into Our Shopping Carts

Grocery stores pose countless questions for shoppers, yet brands are nowhere to be found when we want answers most. What do I need? What do I actually want? Will I really eat that? Has anyone ever heard of this? I wonder if that has a coupon...If brands aren’t readily available with responses, who’s next in line as our go-to source for shopping tips? The people.

Word of mouth has long determined what we place inside our mouths. Chobani created a place for people to give their recommendations and spark conversation surrounding their yogurt - introducing new consumers and connecting audiences with the brand.



Samples that Lead to Social

Samples are a surefire way to gain some consumer love. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a customer who isn’t interested in a free tasting, but Chobani wanted to take the sampling experience one step further. Using their national sampling program, Chobani launched their social campaign. When CHOMobile trucks travelled from city to city passing out Chobani Greek Yogurt, audiences were simultaneously interacting with social screens displayed on the trucks.

Using the CHOMobile, Chobani had the perfect vehicle (literally) to engage their yogurt-sampling audience. The mobile-optimized visualization displayed a user-friendly fill-in-the-blank component, an activity map featuring people talking about #Chobani, and a mosaic of consumer-generated content - including Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

With this implementation Chobani had a measurable way for consumers to see what others were saying about their brand via a portable TV display. In turn, samplers could interact directly with the brand, sharing their experience via mobile phone and/or sign up for a coupon.



Looking at the visualization, samplers could also see new ways that other Chobani fans were interacting with the product. Dogs with their noses stuck in the tub, salad dressing recipes, granola pairings for different flavors - audiences could contribute to the stream of content or simply browse for inspiration.



So Many CHOices

Bringing social to the forefront of the customer experience gave Chobani a safe and interactive solution that informs them - and consumers - about everything that makes their yogurt special. Shoppers are overwhelmed with selections when they enter the grocery store, but placing a personality on your product before consumers enter can land your brand in the shopping cart.


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Rachel Jamail

Rachel Jamail works at the intersection of customer marketing and brand communications. Partnering with Spredfast's most innovative customers, she integrates their voice into the Spredfast brand by promoting and sharing their success and leadership in social media marketing through a variety of ways - from press to speaking engagements to thought leadership opportunities to product roadmap influence. When not working, she loves doing yoga, eating ice cream, and rooting for the Longhorns and Crimson.